Biden Speaks With Former President Over Obama Which Casts Doubt On Chances For 2024

By Victor Winston, updated on March 3, 2024

It seems Joe Biden's presidency bears a surprising connection to the past. Former President Joe Biden, despite serving as vice president under Barack Obama, finds a closer parallel in his communications and approach with former President Bill Clinton, revealing an intriguing dynamic in the composition of the current White House administration.

Gabriel Debenedetti, author of "The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama," has shed light on the nuanced relationship between Biden and Obama, suggesting it traversed both high and low tides on a personal and political level.

Debenedetti's insights challenge the popular narrative of a flawless partnership, pointing instead to a connection shaped by respective backgrounds, life experiences, and careers in Washington, vastly different between the two men. This revelation adds depth to our understanding of political relationships that often appear monolithic to the public eye.

The Fabric of Political Relationships

The relationship between Biden and Obama was not the straightforward "bromance" it was often portrayed to be, Washington Examiner reported.

"Beneath the surface, [Biden and Obama’s relationship] has had very serious ups and downs over time, both personal and especially political. Their conception of each other has changed dramatically. They’ve known each other for 20 years, and these are two men who come from very different worlds and have very different life experiences and very different experiences in Washington."

This quote by Gabriel Debenedetti encapsulates the evolving dynamics of their connection over two decades, highlighting the misconception of a seamless partnership. The inclusion of several key figures from the Clinton administration into Biden's team further exemplifies the president's inclination towards a working style and strategy reminiscent of Clinton's era. Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed is among the notable Clinton-era advisers now serving under Biden, indicating a deliberate blend of the old guard with the new.

Understanding Presidential Dynamics

A Biden aide's observation that "I’ve always thought Biden was much more Clinton than Obama" suggests an ideological and operational alignment more in sync with the 42nd president. This sentiment is further echoed by the same aide, who notes the overlapping circles within which Biden and Clinton's advisers operate. "I think that’s why so many of the people Clinton surrounded himself with are also Biden people. And I’m sure in many ways, Biden’s approach is similar to Clinton’s approach." Such statements underline the strategic and personal affiliations that influence the administrative and policy direction of Biden’s presidency.

What this unfolding narrative offers is a unique lens through which to view the current administration. I

t reveals a presidency informed not solely by the immediate past but also significantly by the ethos and practices of a period that predates it. Joe Biden's tenure as vice president under Barack Obama indeed laid the groundwork for his presidency, but it is his alignment with Bill Clinton's outlook and method that colors his approach to governance, as evidenced by his closer contact with Clinton and the choice of senior aides rooted in the Clinton era.


While Joe Biden's vice-presidency under Barack Obama was a defining chapter of his political career, his presidency seems to draw more from the playbook of Bill Clinton in both style and substance.

This historical bridging not only emphasizes the diversity within the democratic fabric of American politics but also highlights the complex, layered nature of personal and professional relationships in crafting the narrative and direction of a presidency.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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