Biden Risks Missing Ballot in Ohio Due to Deadline Clash

 April 19, 2024

Ohio could see a significant election upset as President Joe Biden faces a potential hurdle in securing his spot on the ballot in this pivotal battleground state.

A scheduling conflict between Ohio's candidate filing deadline and the Democratic National Convention could prevent Biden from appearing on the Ohio ballot.

According to the Western Journal, this issue arises because the state requires presidential candidates to be officially nominated and certified 90 days before the general election, which falls on August 7 this year. However, the Democratic National Convention, set to nominate Biden formally, will not commence until August 19.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has emphasized the importance of adhering to the state's legal stipulations. He notes that the law was established to ensure that ballot preparations, including proofreading and machine loading, are completed efficiently and without haste.

Yost's insistence on compliance has sparked concerns about the implications for Biden's campaign in Ohio, a state crucial for securing the presidency.

The legal requirements for candidate nominations are clear, as stated by Yost:

There’s a law that’s been in place that applies to all candidates, regardless of the power, the office they’re running for or the party they’re running for. The ballot deadline is 90 days before the election. That’s to allow adequate time for the preparation and proofreading of the ballot and to get the machines loaded. That takes time. You don’t do it overnight.

State Officials Stand Firm on Election Law

The conflict has prompted suggestions from Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who proposed a provisional nomination letter for Biden, arguing that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had already secured the necessary delegates. However, Yost rejected this workaround, stating that the law does not accommodate such "provisional certification."

Further complicating matters, a similar situation has unfolded in Alabama, where Secretary of State Wes Allen also refused to accept a provisional nomination letter. Allen stressed his commitment to upholding state law, underscoring a nationwide issue for the Democratic Party's scheduling decisions.

Yost reiterated his position, expressing his expectation that the Democratic Party would resolve the issue to ensure Biden’s candidacy is legitimate and law-abiding. He stated:

They’ve got several months to figure this out. I fully expect them to figure out a way to get their candidate on the ballot. After all, he’s one of the two major candidates. He’s an incumbent president. But, on my watch, they’re going to do it by the law.

The Road Ahead for Biden’s Campaign

As the deadline looms, the Democratic Party faces pressure to adjust its convention schedule or seek other legal avenues to ensure Biden's nomination is certified in time. This issue affects Ohio but could have broader implications if other states with similar laws and deadlines are influenced.

The implications of this scheduling oversight are profound. As an incumbent president and major candidate, Biden finds himself at a pivotal juncture where resolving this conflict could impact his campaign strategy significantly.

In conclusion, the clash between Ohio's electoral laws and the Democratic National Convention's schedule poses a significant challenge for President Biden's re-election campaign.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost's steadfast stance and similar positions in other states emphasize the importance of adherence to electoral laws, which are designed to ensure the integrity and preparation of the voting process. It remains to be seen how the Democratic Party will address this issue, but the resolution will undoubtedly be crucial for Biden's prospects in the upcoming election.

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With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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