Biden Quietly Reverses Court, Reinstates Trump Policies

 February 5, 2024

With the election now less than a year away, Joe Biden is starting to realize that if he continues down the path he has been traveling, he has no chance of winning this election. 

So, very quietly, the administration has been reversing some of Biden's policies and reactivating Trump's policies, or, at the very least, policies that closely align with former Trump policies.  

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Biden Promises a New Day After Trump Leaves Office 

When Joe Biden ran for office in 2020, he vowed to flip all the policies that Trump had put into place. At the top of the list was his climate change and immigration agenda.  

We all knew that Biden wanted to declare war on the fossil fuel industry, and that is precisely what he did when he came into office. The results were disastrous and were a primary driving factor in driving inflation.  

Immigration is another area, and we have all seen how disastrous that has been over the last three years. We went from about 600,000 or so illegal encounters every year to several million, and that does not even include the gotaways that have gotten past Border Patrol. 

There was also a switch in the Middle East, as Biden once again decided to become friends with Iran.

What Is Happening Now 

When Trump was in office, he wanted to strip funding from the United Nations; more specifically, funding was removed from key United Nations programs. When Biden came into office, he not only put the funding back in place but also promised the United Nations that the United States would repay the funds that would have been paid over the years when Trump was in office.  

To that point, Biden has sent more than $700 million to UNRWA, the same agency that we now know has terrorist operatives in the ranks. Twelve members were just fired for their roles in the October 7 attack, which led to Biden suspending the funding to the organization. However, he is now under immense pressure from Democrats to restore that funding. 

Noting that, Rep. Darell Issa (R-CA) stated:  

“From his first day in office, Joe Biden indiscriminately tore down and reversed the policies of his predecessor — including those that were indisputably working.” 

On the fossil fuel front, Biden vowed to end all drilling on federal lands, and he initially did what he could to stop that from happening, but he was forced to reverse course once prices started to go through the roof. Now Biden has been quietly trying to expand some domestic energy programs, hoping his constituents do not notice, but Republicans have. To that point, GOP consultant Luke Thompson stated:  

“Biden ran in 2020 on a whole bunch of hysterical rhetoric about a moral crisis and if he tries to do the same thing in 2024, Trump will have all of these areas to point to and say, ‘Well if I’m such a bad guy why is your administration looking more and more like mine in terms of policy every week?’” 


Biden reversing, or at least lightening, his initial policies, has allowed him to get inflation down as well as consumer prices down, but they are still not as low as they were when he took office. That, however, has not stopped him from bragging about cleaning up the milk that he spilled.  

The irony in all of this is that if Trump's campaign does its job, it can track down when these changes were made that helped reverse Biden's disastrous economy and, just as Thompson suggested, start hammering home that Biden's economy got better because he started putting Trump policies back in place.  

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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