Biden Pressured Trump Prosecution: Report

 December 22, 2023

A resurfaced report has reignited discussions about President Joe Biden's views on former President Donald Trump's legal troubles.

In 2022, President Biden expressed frustration over the lack of prosecution against Donald Trump, revealing his desire for more decisive action from the Attorney General.

The report, penned by Times reporters Katie Benner, Katie Rogers, and Michael S. Schmidt, casts a light on the inner workings of power at the highest level. It tells of a President who, behind the closed doors of his inner circle, voiced concerns over the course of justice as it pertained to his predecessor.

Renewed Focus on Biden's Private Comments

The New York Times report from April 2, 2022, initially detailed these private frustrations of President Biden. However, it has recently gained attention again due to the unfolding legal scenarios involving Trump. The report, authored by Katie Benner, Katie Rogers, and Michael S. Schmidt, provides an inside look into Biden's mindset regarding Trump's actions and the perceived threat to democracy.

Though Biden has never directly communicated his concerns to Attorney General Merrick Garland, he is said to have wanted Garland to take a more proactive prosecutorial stance. This perspective is born out of Biden's belief in the gravity of the allegations and the importance of upholding democratic values.

The report also highlighted Biden's view of Trump as a danger to the democratic process, underscoring the urgency in his tone. Biden's internal comments, while not public, reveal a significant level of concern within the highest levels of government.

Trump's Legal Challenges Escalate

Since the original report, Trump has faced numerous legal challenges, including four indictments with 91 counts. These charges span across multiple states and federal levels, illustrating the wide-ranging nature of the legal battles Trump is currently embroiled in.

The Colorado Supreme Court's decision to prohibit Trump from appearing on the state's 2024 primary ballot, citing the “Insurrection Clause” of the U.S. Constitution, is a notable development. This ruling is one of several hurdles Trump faces in his political future.

Further, the charges in New York, Miami, Washington D.C., and Fulton County, Georgia, represent a comprehensive legal assault on the former President. These charges range from issues with Stormy Daniels to the events of January 6, showcasing the breadth of Trump's legal troubles.

Presidential Comments on Trump and Democracy

Biden's stance on these issues was made clear in his response to a reporter's question about Trump and insurrection. He suggested that Trump's support of insurrection was "self-evident," indicating a firm belief in the gravity of the allegations against Trump.

“The attorney general’s deliberative approach has come to frustrate Democratic allies of the White House and, at times, President Biden himself. As recently as late last year, Mr. Biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted.”

Biden further commented on the application of the Fourteenth Amendment, leaving the decision to the Court but reinforcing his stance on Trump's actions. This approach balances his personal beliefs and respect for legal procedures and the judicial system.


As this story unfolds, the complexities of America's legal and political landscape become increasingly apparent.

  • President Biden expressed frustration over the lack of prosecution against former President Trump in 2022.
  • The New York Times report gained renewed attention due to recent legal actions against Trump.
  • Trump faces legal challenges in Colorado, New York, Miami, Washington D.C., and Georgia.
  • Biden views Trump as a threat to democracy and supports his prosecution.
  • Biden's comments reflect a desire for a more decisive prosecutorial approach from the Attorney General.

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