Biden Press Conference Falls Apart After De Niro Tirade

 May 29, 2024

As Trump's hush-money trial has gone to the jury, the Biden administration thought enlisting actor Robert De Niro to call out Trump would be a good idea.

De Niro, who has a long history of publicly battling Trump, flopped, to put it mildly. The press conference appeared to do more harm than good.

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De Niro Long History of Battling Trump

If there is anyone in this country that should be the poster child of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it would be Robert De Niro, who apparently has had a few screws go loose in his old age. This all got started about five years ago when De Niro appeared at the Tony Awards, dropping F-bombs on stage to call out Donald Trump and anyone supporting him.

De Niro rode that Tony Award meltdown to an appearance on numerous shows, including on CNN where the host had to tell him to dial back the F-bombs because it was an FCC violation, but De Niro continued to rant:

"Let me say something. We are at a moment in this country where this guy [Trump] is like a gangster. He's come along and he's said things, done things, we say over and over again, 'This is terrible. We're in a terrible situation. We're in a terrible situation.

"And this guy just keeps going on and on and on without being stopped."

The reaction of De Niro's comments was the polar opposite of any similar comments made by Trump, so De Niro kept it going and continues to hit Trump at every opportunity, which would include this appearance with Jimmy Kimmel…

Press Conference Fail

While Trump was in court, De Niro held his press conference for Biden. As the presser was starting, there were people in the background giving De Niro a dose of what he had said about Trump, yet De Niro blamed Trump for everything, saying that he brought this out in people and that it should not be happening. Then he went on another anti-Trump rant, stating:

"Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city, but the country. And eventually he could destroy the world.

"I owe this city a lot. And that's why it's so weird that Donald Trump is just across the street because he doesn't belong in my city. I don't know where he belongs, but he certainly doesn't belong here. We New Yorkers used to tolerate him when he was just another grubby real estate hustler masquerading as a big shot."


While Biden and Harris were not in attendance, Biden's campaign communications director, Michael Tyler, was present, as were Police Officers Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn, both of whom were present at the Capitol on January 6.

Criticism was fast and furious, as the Biden campaign more or less proved to the country that the trial is being politicized for Biden's gain. Conservative Karl Rove called the press conference remarks by De Niro "over the top" and a "stupid mistake" for the Biden campaign, and I could not agree more. I mean, of all people, you pick the guy who had a meltdown by dropping F-bombs on national TV during the Tony Awards while looking like a vagrant.

This seems desperate to me, with Biden trying to show the country he is locked and loaded with Hollywood, but that is part of the problem. You have these stars sticking up for Biden, but these are people who play pretend for a living, then are delusional that their characters are actually who they are in real life. De Niro thinks he is a tough guy, but he is a feeble old man like Joe Biden and is unhinged as well. I agree with the pundits on this one… that press conference was a significant mistake.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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