Biden Order 18-Month Deportation Pause Of Deportation Of Palestinians Living In The United States

 February 16, 2024

President Joe Biden has taken a definitive step, addressing a pressing humanitarian issue amidst the backdrop of escalating violence in the Middle East.

He has announced an 18-month pause on the deportation of certain Palestinians residing in the US due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The directive was issued on a Wednesday, as tensions between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza continue to soar, with the area's residents caught in the crossfire. President Biden's order specifically targets Palestinian tourists, students, and workers, effectively allowing them to remain in the United States without the fear of deportation until at least August 2025. This period also allows them to seek employment legally, offering a lifeline to those who might otherwise be left adrift and without options.

Eligibility for this temporary protection is broad but comes with clear boundaries. Individuals convicted of felonies or deemed to pose a public safety threat are notably excluded. This nuanced approach seeks to balance humanitarian concerns with the imperative of community safety. Furthermore, the protection is conditional; those who opt to return voluntarily to the Palestinian territories will renounce the benefits provided by this order.

Empathy and Employment Authorization

President Biden has tasked the Secretary of Homeland Security to facilitate this humanitarian measure by executing two key components. First, to authorize employment for noncitizens whose deportation has been deferred. Second, consider easing requirements for F-1 Palestinian students, adjusting to their distressed circumstances. This directive underscores the administration's commitment to offering refuge and empowering these individuals to build a stable life during their stay in the US.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan characterized the President's decision as granting "a temporary haven" to Palestinians in dire straits. In a reflection of this policy's comprehensive nature, most Palestinians currently in the United States are expected to fall under its coverage. The emphasis is clearly on offering support to those caught in a crisis through no fault of their own, creating a tangible sense of relief among affected communities.

The justification for this approach is starkly illustrated by the harrowing figures emerging from the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas. They report that thousands have been killed since the outbreak of hostilities, indiscriminately affecting combatants and civilians alike. This stark reality underscores the humanitarian imperative driving the Biden administration's policy.

Historical Context and Precedents

This is not the first instance of the Biden administration extending protection to foreign nationals on US soil in response to crises abroad. Similar measures have previously been granted to citizens from Liberia, Hong Kong, and Ukraine, demonstrating a consistent policy of compassion and support for individuals in distress due to conflicts or upheavals in their home countries.

The move has been long-anticipated, with hundreds of Democratic lawmakers having advocated for it since last November. This collective push reflects a broader acknowledgment within the US political spectrum of the importance of providing humanitarian relief to those affected by international crises, aligning with America's long-standing values of sanctuary and support for the downtrodden.

President Joe Biden articulated the spirit behind the directive succinctly. He emphasized the dire situation of many civilians amidst the conflict, underlining the necessity of this deferral for those at risk. Biden's words resonate with a call to empathy and action in times of humanitarian need, reflecting the core values that underpin the initiative.


The ongoing conflict in Gaza continues without an end in sight, yet the United States has provided a temporary safe haven for Palestinians caught in the turmoil. By offering protection against deportation and the chance for employment, President Biden's administration recognizes the severity of the situation and takes steps to assist those impacted most. This action underlines a deep-rooted commitment to humanitarian values, offering a glimmer of hope in the midst of persistent conflict. Although challenges lie ahead, this gesture of support brings some relief to those in urgent need, demonstrating the significant effect of policies based on empathy and practicality.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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