Biden Officials Tried Hiding Chinese Spy Balloon Incident

 December 25, 2023

A clandestine operation has been brought to light, stirring bipartisan unrest.

The Biden administration's decision to keep a Chinese spy balloon incident under wraps has sparked a significant uproar.

NBC News reported that the Biden administration had intended to allow a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the United States without informing the public or Congress. This decision was part of an initial strategy to covertly study the balloon, equipped with surveillance capabilities but no offensive weapons. The story has since revealed a complex narrative of intelligence, military operations, and political maneuvering.

Initial Secrecy and High-Level Communications

As reported by NBC News, the Biden administration's first approach was maintaining secrecy over the Chinese spy balloon incident. This strategy avoided public and congressional awareness as the balloon traversed the United States. The balloon, equipped with surveillance tools, was identified by U.S. military jets from Alaska but was devoid of offensive weaponry.

A high-level phone call on January 27 involving Gen. Mark Milley and NORAD Chief Gen. Glen VanHerck was key to this period of silence. This conversation is indicative of the gravity and sensitivity surrounding the incident.

Despite these efforts, a senior Biden administration official has denied any attempts to conceal the balloon's existence, arguing that discretion was necessary to protect intelligence-gathering operations. The official stated:

"To the extent any of this was kept quiet at all, that was in large part to protect intel equities related to finding and tracking. There was no intention to keep this from Congress at any point.”

The Journey and Downfall of the Spy Balloon

The balloon's journey across the U.S. became a point of significant concern. It reportedly collected intelligence over sensitive military sites before being shot down on February 4. This event occurred after the balloon had completed a several-day journey across various states, raising questions about the extent of the intelligence it gathered.

Breitbart News reported in April that the balloon was not neutralized until it had completed its journey across the nation. This delay in action has become a critical point of discussion in evaluating the administration's response to the incident.

Video footage capturing the moment the spy balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean became a symbolic representation of the incident's end.

Political Repercussions and Presidential Disclosure

Following the incident, GOP Rep. Steube called for a thorough investigation into the Biden administration's handling of the spy balloon. This call reflects growing political tensions and the need for clarity and accountability in matters of national security.

In a surprising turn of events, President Biden reportedly disclosed sensitive U.S. intelligence about the incident to American donors in June. As reported by Breitbart News, this revelation has added another layer of complexity to the administration's handling of the situation.

This disclosure has sparked debates about the appropriateness of sharing classified information in such a manner, further intensifying scrutiny over the administration's actions.


The Chinese spy balloon incident has unveiled political and security implications, stirring bipartisan concerns.

  • The Biden administration initially aimed to keep the spy balloon incident confidential.
  • U.S. military identified the balloon as Chinese, equipped with surveillance but not offensive tools.
  • The balloon was shot down after collecting intelligence over the U.S.
  • Political calls for an investigation into the handling of the incident have emerged.
  • President Biden's disclosure of sensitive information to donors has raised additional concerns.

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