Biden ‘Lost The Ability To Legitimately Listen’ Claims 2024 Rival

 January 14, 2024

In a striking critique from within his party, Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips has openly criticized President Joe Biden's approach to the southern border crisis. This marks a significant moment in the unfolding political landscape as the 2024 presidential race intensifies.

Phillips, a contender for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, has voiced serious concerns about Biden's handling of the border situation, suggesting it could pave the way for Donald Trump's return to the White House. Additionally, Phillips opened up that Biden cannot listen, a diagnosis that spells disaster for his 2024 chances and the safety of the American people.

Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat, launched his campaign for the presidency. Since then, he has been vocal about various national issues, with the southern border crisis taking a central stage in his recent criticisms. His comments come at a time when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has declined to sponsor any primary debates, a decision that has also drawn Phillips' ire.

Phillips' critique of Biden is rooted in his observations from two visits to the southern border. He described the situation there as an "unmitigated, embarrassing, unforgivable disaster." This blunt assessment reflects a growing concern among some Americans about border security and immigration policy.

Phillips Raises Concerns Over Biden's Leadership

During his campaign, Phillips has not shied away from addressing what he perceives as Biden's shortcomings, Washington Examiner reported.

His observations have led him to question Biden's ability to effectively listen and respond to critical issues like the border crisis.

Phillips' concerns extend beyond policy to the very nature of political engagement under Biden's leadership. He criticized the President for refusing to debate any major primary challengers, seeing it as a sign of weak democratic engagement.

As part of the unfolding Democratic primary, Phillips participated in a debate in New Hampshire on Monday, alongside fellow candidates. This debate, however, was not sponsored by the DNC, reflecting the ongoing controversy over the party's approach to the primary process this election cycle.

America’s Perception of the Border Crisis

Public opinion seems to echo some of Phillips' concerns. A recent poll indicates that 45% of Americans view the situation at the southern border as a crisis, with an additional 30% considering it a serious problem. This perception underscores the political and social significance of the issue in the current national discourse.

In addressing these concerns, Phillips made a stark warning. He suggested that ignoring the border crisis could inadvertently aid Trump's potential return to the presidency, a scenario many Democrats are keen to avoid.

Phillips elaborated on his concerns regarding Biden's approach to the border issue. He expressed fear that the President has reached a stage where he is no longer capable of "legitimately listening" to different perspectives, especially on critical issues like the border crisis.

The Future of Democratic Leadership

The tension within the Democratic Party, highlighted by Phillips' remarks, raises questions about the future direction of the party and its leadership. As the presidential race heats up, these internal debates are likely to become more prominent.

Phillips' critique of Biden, particularly on the issue of debates, points to a broader debate about the nature of democratic engagement and leadership within the party. His assertion that Biden's refusal to debate reflects poorly on the President's commitment to democratic principles has added a layer of complexity to the primary race.

Phillips, expressing his disappointment, stated, "I know he probably couldn’t be here today, but to tell the country that he will not debate a single time in a Democratic primary of such consequence? That’s perhaps the biggest point of differentiation between him, Cenk, Marianne, and me, is showing up."

This statement by Phillips during the New Hampshire debate underscores his commitment to active engagement in the democratic process, contrasting it with Biden's approach.

The issue of the southern border is not just a policy matter but also a significant political challenge for Biden and his administration. It has become a litmus test for his ability to address complex national challenges, especially with the looming threat of Trump's return to politics.

Phillips' Bold Stance in a Divided Political Landscape

Phillips' criticism of Biden represents more than just a policy disagreement; it's a reflection of the current divide within the Democratic Party. This divide is not just about the border crisis but also about the approach to leadership and engagement with the electorate.

In a political climate often characterized by polarization, Phillips' comments offer a rare glimpse into the internal debates shaping the Democratic Party's future. His stance is a bold one, potentially resonating with voters who feel unheard or disillusioned with the current administration's approach to pressing issues.

The dynamic within the Democratic Party, as illustrated by Phillips' campaign and criticisms, will be crucial in shaping the 2024 presidential election. As candidates like Phillips challenge the status quo, it remains to be seen how the party will navigate these internal tensions and what impact this will have on the broader political landscape.


Rep. Dean Phillips' candid critique of President Biden's handling of the southern border crisis and his approach to leadership within the Democratic Party highlights a growing concern among some party members and voters.

His remarks, emphasizing the need for active engagement and listening, reflect broader questions about the direction of the Democratic Party as it approaches the 2024 presidential election.

With public opinion increasingly focused on issues like the border crisis, the party's response to these internal criticisms will be a key factor in shaping its future and its chances in the upcoming election.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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