Biden Looks Unsteady Leaving Caribbean Vacation

 January 5, 2024

Concerns arise as President Joe Biden returns from vacation.

US President Joe Biden's recent departure from his Caribbean holiday has sparked commentary on his physical demeanor.

Upon concluding a week-long stay in the US Virgin Islands with First Lady Jill Biden, the President was observed greeting individuals at Henry E Rohlsen Airport in St Croix before boarding Air Force One to return to Washington, DC. The couple reportedly enjoyed the hospitality of friends and Democratic donors Bill and Connie Neville. As captured in photographs, President Biden emanated a cheerful and sunkissed aura from his vacation.

Expert Analyzes Presidential Posture

Body language expert Judi James scrutinized the President's movements during his departure. Despite the sunny disposition shown in photographs, Judi James pointed out that President Biden seemed to struggle with stability and orientation. The expert's analysis drew attention to the President's gait and his manner when ascending the steps of Air Force One.

Walking to the plane and mounting the steps, Biden appears unsteady and confused to the point where it looks painful to see him without someone nearby to offer assistance if needed. He arrives at the top with his knees bent, which is a very common problem that happens with age, where the legs get up steps faster than the torso.

Judi James noticed a particular moment that captured her concern. As the President turned to wave, a brief instance suggested confusion. The body language expert elaborated that President Biden seemed uncertain of his next move when he turned back, albeit for a fleeting moment.

Context Amidst Public Speculation

The conversation around President Biden's physical state comes when other political tensions are present. Irish politicians have been urged to boycott the upcoming St Patrick's Day visit with the President at the White House due to the US's support for Israel. Additionally, public speculation has arisen regarding President Biden's appearance in his New Year's message, with some suggesting he looked significantly younger, fueling rumors of possible surgery.

Despite the observations that raised questions about his physical state, President Biden appeared relaxed and not reliant on the handrail, which could imply a sense of ease. Judi James suggested that this could be a sign of the President's experience and wisdom, traits that are often associated with aging. She also expressed that acknowledging the natural aging process should not be stigmatized.

In her analysis, Judi James provided a poignant reflection on aging and the pressures of public life. She indicated that the apparent physical signs of aging in President Biden might be an indication that a longer break could be beneficial for him. Judi James emphasized that genuine expressions of emotion, such as delight in Biden's farewell handshake photo, should be the focus rather than a facade of perpetual youth.


While the President may have looked cheerful post-vacation, these observations have led to a broader discussion on the impact of aging in high-pressure roles.

  • US President Joe Biden returned from a seven-day vacation appearing cheerful but was analyzed as unsteady and confused by body language expert Judi James.
  • Judi James noted President Biden's bent knees and momentary confusion, raising concerns about the effects of aging.
  • Surrounding political events and public speculations about Biden's appearance contribute to the context of these observations.
  • Judi James suggests that President Biden could benefit from a longer break to address these signs of aging.

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