Biden Linked To Company That Was Accused of Scamming Elderly People

 December 10, 2023

A recent federal loan guarantee has stirred controversy, casting a shadow over the Biden administration's commitment to renewable energy.

The Sunnova Energy Corporation, recipient of a $3 billion loan, is facing serious allegations of exploitative sales practices. The Biden family has come under the microscope as the president' administration was awarded $3 billion previously.

The substantial federal loan to Sunnova, was a historic move for solar energy. But the company's business practices soon raised red flags. Allegations of targeting vulnerable demographics, such as the elderly and those with health issues, have tarnished the deal's image.

Concerns Over Sales Tactics

These accusations are not recent developments. Complaints against Sunnova's sales strategies date back to at least 2019. The heart of the issue lies in the company's alleged aggressive pursuit of customers who are less likely to understand the long-term implications of their contracts.

Two particularly disturbing cases have been highlighted in the media. One involved a salesperson who sold a $60,000 system to a hospice patient. Another case saw a dementia patient locked into a 25-year lease worth $34,000.

Such incidents suggest a pattern of behavior at Sunnova that preys on the most vulnerable. This is not just a matter of poor customer service; it's a question of ethics and legality.

Legislative Scrutiny Intensifies

Republican Congressional leaders, including Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Sen. John Barrasso, have taken notice of these troubling reports. Their concern has led to formal inquiries about the loan's approval process. The Department of Energy, which oversees the Loan Programs Office, has been asked to provide more information.

With a deadline set for December 21, 2022, the Department of Energy must address these concerns. This situation raises questions about the oversight and due diligence conducted before awarding such significant financial support.

The congressional letter highlights a need for transparency in government dealings, especially when large sums of taxpayer money are involved, Daily Wire reported.

Voices of the Affected

Among the numerous complaints, some voices stand out for the sheer weight of their experiences. One such voice belongs to the child of an elderly man who was a victim of these practices. Their story sheds light on the personal impact of Sunnova's alleged tactics.

"My dad told [the salesman] at that time he was on hospice and dying. And basically, he wasn't in his right mind. It was truly ripping off old people. It was the biggest ripoff I've ever seen."

This quote captures the heart-wrenching reality faced by families who find their elderly loved ones caught in such situations. It's not just about financial loss; it's about the exploitation of trust and vulnerability.

Broader Implications for the Solar Industry

While this situation primarily concerns Sunnova, it has broader implications for the solar industry. How companies engage with customers and the ethics of their sales tactics are under the microscope. This scrutiny could lead to more stringent regulations and oversight in the sector.

Furthermore, these allegations might impact public perception of solar energy. The actions of one company can cast a shadow on an entire industry, especially one that is still fighting to gain widespread acceptance.

Solar energy companies must maintain high ethical standards. The future of renewable energy depends not only on technological advancements but also on public trust and support.

Looking Towards a Resolution

The Sunnova case is far from closed. With the Department of Energy's response pending and the public eye firmly on the issue, the next steps are crucial. How the government and the company address these allegations will set a precedent for future dealings in the renewable energy sector.

Transparency and accountability are key. Both the government and Sunnova need to address these allegations head-on, providing clear answers and taking appropriate action if wrongdoing is found.


The renewable energy sector, still in its developmental stages, cannot afford to be mired in controversy. The resolution of this case could either bolster or hinder the public's trust in solar energy and government-backed initiatives.

  • Sunnova received a $3 billion loan guarantee, the largest federal commitment to solar power.
  • The company is accused of targeting vulnerable customers with misleading sales tactics.
  • Republican Congressional leaders demand more information from the Department of Energy.
  • Allegations include sales to hospice and dementia patients under exploitative contracts.
  • The Department of Energy's response to these concerns could impact the future of solar initiatives.

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