Biden Iran Envoy Posted Classified Documents on Personal Email and Phone

 May 8, 2024

For someone who says he takes classified documents very seriously, Biden and his administration sure are dropping the ball.

The latest bombshell on that front is a report about Joe Biden’s disgraced former Iran envoy, Robert Malley.

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- Malley placed on leave
- Mishandling of classified information
- Analysis

Malley Placed on Leave by State Department

In late June 2023, Robert Malley, U.S. Special Envoy to Iran, was placed on leave. The reports at the time cited the mishandling of classified documents as the reason. Malley’s clearance was suspended while the investigation took place. Malley told the media:

“I have been informed that my security clearance is under review. I have not been provided any further information, but I expect the investigation to be resolved favorably and soon. In the meantime, I am on leave.”

The Inspector General launched a full investigation into the suspension regarding Malley’s actions and whether the State Department had followed the proper procedures. It also came to light that Malley’s office appeared to be backing policies that pushed Iran’s agenda rather than the agenda of the United States. As more time passed, it almost seemed as though Biden had allowed Iran sympathizers to penetrate our government.

Mishandling of Classified Information

Senate Foreign Relations and House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans now claim that Malley’s issues were far worse than anyone had previously thought. They are alleging that Malley had placed classified materials on his personal email and phone, both of which were conveniently hacked.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member James Risch (R-ID) and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) launched their own investigation into the matter since the State Department has been less than forthcoming with information on the matter. Their joint statement read:

“Due to the Department’s evasiveness and lack of transparency, we have worked to glean information from other sources. Our own investigations have uncovered the following information and troubling allegations. We ask that you confirm the information we have learned.

“Specifically, we understand that Mr. Malley’s security clearance was suspended because he allegedly transferred classified documents to his personal email account and downloaded these documents to his personal cell phone.”

They say that while his intentions for storing this information on his personal devices is unknown, it is “believed that a hostile cyber actor was able to gain access to his email and/or phone and obtain the downloaded information.” The lawmakers concluded:

“The allegations we have been privy to are extremely troubling and demand immediate answers.

“These allegations have substantial impact on our national security and people should be held accountable swiftly and strongly.”


The State Department and the Biden administration have been very quiet about this from the outset and continue to keep it as much under wraps as possible. When State was approached about the report, it only stated that Malley remains on leave and that the administration has been cooperating with Congress.

This could not possibly be a worse look for the Biden administration, which has ridiculed Trump for this issue while having Joe Biden skate on an investigation into his handling of classified information. But the real question here is why Malley has not yet been fired or charged in this case. What is taking so long for them to make this decision when he clearly mishandled classified evidence and was possibly acting on behalf of the Iranian government?

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Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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