Biden Invokes Georgy Floyd in Effort to Make 2024 Election About Race

 May 20, 2024

Unity… is something that Joe Biden has said he wants to create in this country and is a major reason he is running for office.

Based on his recent comments, what he is really trying to do is create a civil war atmosphere, clearly trying to pit minority communities against conservatives, more specifically, Trump supporters.

Talking Points…
- Black voters abandoning Democrats
- Biden invokes George Floyd to rally votes
- Analysis

Black Voter Abandoning Democrats

The Democrat Party has a minority problem with Biden in the White House, and it is clearly creating a state of panic throughout the entire party. Republicans usually get crushed in the minority vote, especially among black voters, where Democrats can usually count on 90% or more of the vote. To that point, when Biden ran against Trump in 2020, he beat Trump by 50 points among non-white Americans. That lead is now sitting at 56-44.

The selling point for Democrats against Republicans has always been that Republicans will oppress them, but minority communities thrived when Trump was in office. There were historic unemployment numbers, in a good way, for these communities, and Trump passed several pieces of legislation that got buried in the media and were beneficial for minority communities.

The numbers across the board are down for Biden right now. Among black voters, Biden is leading Trump 66-19%. Among Hispanic voters, Biden is beating Trump 47-35%. And among white voters, Trump is leading Biden, 54-38%. Now, take notice of the rather large non-committed voters, which is 15% among blacks and 18% among Hispanics, while only 8% among white voters. Keep those numbers in the back of your head for later in this report.

Biden Invokes George Floyd to Rally Minority Vote

Biden gave the commencement speech at Morehouse College this weekend, hoping to rally black voters at the HBCU school. So, read these words, then just think to yourself what would have happened had Trump used similar words at a school that had predominately white students. Biden stated:

“You started college just as George Floyd was murdered and there was a reckoning on race. It is no wonder that the democracy you hear about actually works for you. What is democracy? If black men are being killed on the street, what is democracy? A trail of broken promises still leaving black communities behind, what is democracy?

“You have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot. Most of all, what does it mean as we’ve heard before, to be a black man who loves his country, even if it doesn’t love him back in equal measure.”

Biden also blatantly accused Republicans of purposely blocking the progress of blacks in this country, stating:

"They don't see you in the future of America. But they're wrong.”


First and foremost, how the media is not ripping Biden for an inciting speech is beyond me. He literally told those students that Republicans want to keep them down as if the GOP is trying to prevent minorities from getting ahead in this country, but that is hardly the case. Republicans right now are making a huge move to get minorities in the party to help diversify the movement. Republicans are not the party of taking a vote for granted… they are clearly trying to earn the vote of minority communities.

Regarding where these votes are going, I need to correct a bogus narrative that is being put out there right now by Trump surrogates, including those in the media, such as Sean Hannity. While minority voters are clearly leaving the Democrat Party, they are not flocking to Trump, as these surrogates would have you believe. Trump is getting some of their voters, but the percentage of non-committed voters is increasing at a higher rate than minority voters now locked into voting for a Republican.

I bring this up because these pundits are giving Republicans a false sense of security, and that is far from what they should be doing. This is an opportunity to go into these communities and listen to the issues that impact these communities the most. Do not go in there and make unrealistic promises, but tell them what you plan on doing to attempt to fix these issues directly and to clean up neighborhoods that have been neglected by Democrats in the past and continue to be neglected today. This is a monster opportunity not just for Trump but for the party as a whole. Just don’t make the same mistake as Democrats and treat them as props during election season, and I think the party will be amazed at how a conservative ideology starts to permeate these communities. Remember to continue visiting these communities after the election and follow up on those commitments.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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