Biden In Critical Condition As Young People Turn On President

 November 23, 2023

A report from The Washington Post indicates a growing disenchantment among young Democratic voters at the University of Michigan, questioning their support for Biden in his 2024 re-election bid due to his stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

These concerns are not isolated. Many young voters across the nation share a sense of disillusionment.

The recent Israel-Gaza conflict has become a pivotal issue, with Biden's support for Israel's military actions causing a rift among his younger voter base.

Biden's Stance Causes Rift Among Young Voters

At the heart of the debate are students like Andrea Gonzalez. A 19-year-old student at the University of Michigan, Gonzalez finds herself torn due to Biden's lack of support for a cease-fire in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Bhavani Iyer, another student, echoes this sentiment. Biden's approach to the conflict is a significant factor in whether she will support his reelection. This sentiment is not unique to Iyer; many of her friends also share these concerns, with some even referring to Biden as "Genocide Joe" over his handling of the issue.

Other students, including Humza Irfan and Breah Marie Willy, have expressed similar frustrations. The issue of Israel has become a litmus test for their support of Biden in the upcoming elections.

Polls Reflect Growing Disapproval Among Youth

Recent polls have begun to reflect this shift in opinion. A majority of young voters have expressed disapproval of Biden's handling of the Israel-Gaza war. This dissatisfaction is not confined to anecdotal expressions but is now evident in statistical data.

Despite the growing discontent, some students believe that young voters will still choose Biden over Trump. The lesser of two evils, as it were, seems to be a recurring theme in their decision-making process, Fox News reported.

"I just can’t see how I can ever muster up the courage a year from now to walk to a ballot box and vote for this person that has directly been responsible for so much harm," said Joesph Fisher, a former "Bernie Bro," reflecting a deep sense of betrayal.

The Dilemma of Choosing the Lesser Evil

Zaynab Elkolaly, a 22-year-old student, summarizes the prevailing mood on campus. She believes that while Biden is deeply unpopular among the youth, the alternative, potentially another Trump presidency, is considered even worse.

Nate Aurbach, a member of the University of Michigan College Democrats, offers a perspective that hints at a reluctant return to support Biden, stating, "I think that a lot of young people are stepping back and taking a break and don’t necessarily want to say right now that they’d support Joe Biden, but I think as 2024 comes around, they’ll be forced to see what Donald Trump is saying."

The dilemma facing these young voters is not just a question of political preference but a moral quandary. The decision between supporting a candidate who falls short of their ideals and opposing one who represents a starkly different set of values is a challenge.


  • President Biden's support for Israel in the Israel-Gaza conflict has resulted in a significant fall in his popularity among young voters.
  • Students at the University of Michigan and other colleges have expressed their dismay over Biden's stance, leading to a decrease in their support for his 2024 re-election bid.
  • Despite the current dissatisfaction, some believe that when faced with the prospect of Trump's return, young voters might still grudgingly support Biden in 2024.

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