Biden Furious At White House Staff As Election Woes Mount

By Victor Winston, updated on March 17, 2024

President Joe Biden finds himself at a crucial juncture as the 2024 presidential election looms.

Amid concerns over Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict and dropping poll numbers in key states, internal and external pressures intensify as he seeks re-election.

NBC News reported that it became apparent during a confidential White House meeting in January that the current president's approval ratings had fallen in Michigan and Georgia. These states were key to his prior election win and are considered crucial battlegrounds. The president's handling of international conflicts has impacted his popularity in these regions. With both states originally secured by a narrow margin, even a small shift in polling numbers could determine whether he secures a second term or faces defeat.

A Diverse Strategy to Reconnect with Voters

Biden and his campaign team face many challenges in the future, yet they remain focused on reminding the electorate of his accomplishments, especially his economic record on job creation, which they believe is underappreciated.

Biden's current approval rating hovers around 38%, a figure lower than that of the last three presidents at similar stages in their tenures who did not secure re-election. This statistic has prompted a strategic shift, with Biden ramping up travel to Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona to engage with voters and highlight his administration's successes directly.

Capitalizing on the Opposition's Weaknesses

The president and his aides view Donald Trump, his likely opponent once more, as vulnerable, considering Trump's narrow path to expand his voter base. This perception shapes their approach to the campaign, aiming to capitalize on what they see as Trump's inability to attract new supporters.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for Biden, underscored the president's prioritization of national security, stating, "President Biden makes national security decisions based on the country’s national security needs alone — no other factor.”

In addressing some of the criticisms directed at him, Biden has faced conflicting advice, particularly regarding his public appearance and efforts to counter perceptions of his age. This has led to a strategic recalibration, with a greater emphasis on deploying surrogates who can effectively communicate the achievements of his administration.

The Significance of Messaging and Surrogates

Local officials and former Democratic senator Mary Landrieu emphasize the necessity of demonstrating the tangible benefits of Biden's policies to the American electorate.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, reflecting on the campaign strategy, said:

We know that he lost in 2020. To win, he’s got to expand his base of voters to find new people to be with him. And that is not something he’s shown that he’s focused on.

As the election campaign progresses, the Biden team is not only navigating the immediate challenges but is also laying the groundwork for a broader strategy. This includes highlighting Trump's weaknesses, emphasizing Biden's record, and utilizing a network of surrogates to articulate the president's vision and accomplishments.


President Biden's re-election campaign is at a pivotal point. Facing lowered approval ratings due to his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict and strategic challenges in key battleground states, there's a concerted effort to recalibrate and focus on his administration's achievements.

With campaign travel increasing and a focus on leveraging the perceived limitations of Donald Trump, Biden and his team are aiming to reconnect with American voters. The involvement of surrogates and local officials underscores the strategy to communicate the impacts of Biden's policies more effectively. Amid these efforts, Biden's campaign reflects a broader battle for the presidency and the narrative of his first term in office.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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