Biden dog removed from White House

 October 8, 2023

President Biden's dog, Commander, has been removed from the White House after a string of biting incidents.

President Biden's German shepherd, Commander, has been involved in multiple biting incidents. This has led to his removal from the White House premises. The dog reportedly bit Secret Service members and others on at least 11 known occasions.

Tom Davis, an expert dog trainer, expressed his concerns on "America Reports." He noted that this is the second dog from the Biden administration to face such issues. Davis emphasized that these incidents didn't just happen out of the blue.

He pointed out that when a dog with behavioral problems is brought in and then another dog of the same breed exhibits similar issues, it's not a mere coincidence.

Genetics and the German shepherd breed

Davis believes that the Bidens' dogs are likely well-bred German shepherds. Genetically, such dogs shouldn't display aggression or have tendencies to bite. He stressed that these incidents are not just random occurrences.

Hosting the "No Bad Dogs Podcast," Davis shared that while the White House might be challenging for a dog, many canines face dire consequences for less severe actions.

He mentioned that dogs are often euthanized because people approach them inappropriately. Davis firmly believes in his slogan, "No bad dogs," emphasizing the importance of respecting and setting boundaries for dogs.

Concerns over Commander's environment

Davis described the environment in which the president's dog was placed as "inhumane." He expressed that Commander was essentially allowed to bite people repeatedly.

Davis emphasized the need for intervention after the first few incidents, Fox News reported.

He further elaborated that any dog, regardless of its status, deserves respect. They shouldn't be expected to behave perfectly all the time, especially when they might be tired, sick, hungry, hurt, or aging.

Impact on the German shepherd community

Davis expressed his disappointment, especially for the German shepherd community. These dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and sharpness.

He believes that many Americans, irrespective of their political beliefs, would be disheartened by this situation. It's unfortunate that Commander is facing the consequences of a lack of structure and accountability.

It's essential to remember that dogs, like humans, need understanding, care, and a conducive environment to thrive.

Conclusion and reflections

As we reflect on this story, several key points emerge:

  • Commander, President Biden's dog, has been removed from the White House due to multiple biting incidents.
  • Expert dog trainer Tom Davis believes that well-bred German shepherds like Commander shouldn't inherently display aggression.
  • The environment in which Commander was placed is described as "inhumane" by Davis.
  • There's a broader concern about the impact of such incidents on the reputation of the German shepherd breed.

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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