Biden Considered Resigning VP During Obama Administration

 February 9, 2024

In a striking revelation from 2009, the sitting president grappled with a profound governmental dilemma.

Special Counsel Robert Hur's report unveils President Biden's past consideration of resigning over Afghanistan policy disagreements.

Insights Into Biden's Afghanistan Policy Opposition

During a time of escalating military involvement, President Biden, then Vice President, deeply opposed the Obama administration's approach to the Afghanistan conflict. His disagreement was so pronounced that it led him to consider a drastic measure. According to a newly released report by Special Counsel Robert Hur, Biden was on the verge of resigning from his role in 2009.

The report, stemming from an investigation into Biden's mishandling of classified documents, details how the President felt trapped by the decision to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan. These documents, including notes and memos from National Security Council meetings, were improperly retained at Biden's Delaware home.

Biden's critical stance on the troop surge was not just a passing thought but a conviction he recorded in his "Af/Pak" notebook. The entries in this notebook and a memo to then-President Obama reflect a man deeply concerned about repeating past mistakes in foreign policy.

Biden's Private Records and Public Controversy

These classified documents, unearthed at Biden's residence, contained frank advice to Obama, criticizing the request for 40,000 more troops as "outrageous" and potentially leading to disaster. His efforts to document his opposition to the troop surge led him to store these sensitive materials in unsecured locations.

The retention of these documents post-vice presidency was not authorized, and Hur's report suggests that Biden's actions posed a risk to national security. This was particularly concerning because he shared classified information from his notebooks with a ghostwriter.

Despite the serious nature of these findings, Special Counsel Hur determined that no criminal charges should be filed against President Biden. This decision has been met with relief and scrutiny, as it closes a chapter of investigation but opens broader questions about handling classified information.

The Decision to Refrain from Prosecution

The report from Special Counsel Robert Hur has brought to light President Biden's internal struggle over the Afghanistan policy. In his own words, Biden expressed his turmoil over the situation, drawing parallels to the Vietnam War and the decisions that haunted Kennedy and Johnson.

Tomorrow the President is going to make a fateful decision regarding Afghanistan - as I sat looking out the window at the sea - thinking I should resign in protest over what will bring his administration down. Although I obviously wasn't there I feel like this is what it must have felt like for Kennedy then Johnson in the early days of VTN [Vietnam]. I feel guilty and boxed in myself. Guilty for not having been more successful w/ the President - and staying. Boxed in by knowing or at least feeling that my resignation would only harden his position and leave him with one less voice.

His vehement opposition to the troop surge was documented to show future generations and critics that he stood firmly against what he saw as a strategic blunder.

Conclusion: Biden's Dilemma

The report by Special Counsel Robert Hur has shed light on a tumultuous period in President Biden's political career, revealing his deep-seated reservations about the Afghanistan policy during the Obama administration. Biden's contemplation of resignation, opposition to the troop surge, and subsequent mishandling of classified documents have been brought to the fore.

While no charges have been filed, the controversy raises important questions about the responsibility of public officials in handling sensitive information and the consequences of dissent within an administration. It also highlights the enduring challenges of foreign policy decisions and their potential to echo past mistakes.

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With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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