Biden Claims Trump ‘Supported’ An Insurrection

 December 20, 2023

In a recent development that has stirred the political landscape, President Joe Biden has directly accused former President Donald Trump of supporting an insurrection.

President Biden's assertion aligns with a recent controversial ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court, barring Trump from the state's 2024 presidential ballot.

During a press interaction, Biden was asked about Trump's role in the January 6th Capitol riots. He responded firmly, asserting that there was no doubt in his mind about Trump's involvement. The President stressed that, in his view, it's evident Trump backed the insurrection.

Colorado Court's Decision Sparks National Debate

The Colorado Supreme Court's decision has been a focal point in recent news. In a split 4-3 judgment, the court ruled against Trump's eligibility for the 2024 ballot in Colorado. This decision is grounded in the Constitution's Insurrection Clause, referencing the January 6th Committee's findings.

The ruling has set a precedent, being the first of its kind to interpret the Insurrection Clause in this manner. The clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment, has rarely been used in electoral contexts.

Trump's legal team and supporters have vehemently opposed this ruling. They argue that Trump has neither been charged nor convicted of insurrection, a point they believe invalidates the court's decision.

Reactions from Various Sides Heighten Tensions

In his remarks, President Biden did not mince words regarding Trump's role in the events of January 6th. He emphasized the seriousness of the matter, stating that Trump's actions cannot be overlooked or understated. He said, "[Trump] certainly supported an insurrection, no question about it. None. Zero."

These comments have added to the already heated debate surrounding the events of January 6th and their aftermath. They reflect a deeply divided nation still grappling with the consequences of that day.

Trump's Acquittal and Continuing Controversy

It is important to note that Trump was acquitted by the Senate on charges related to the January 6th events. This acquittal forms a significant part of the ongoing narrative, as Trump and his supporters cite it as evidence of his innocence in the matter.

The acquittal, however, has not quelled the debate. The Colorado court's decision and President Biden's recent statements have reignited discussions about Trump's role and responsibility.

Trump's campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, criticized the Colorado court's ruling as an act of election interference. He promised swift action, indicating plans to appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Legal and Political Implications of the Ruling

The Colorado Supreme Court's interpretation of the Insurrection Clause raises questions about its broader legal and political implications. This move could potentially set a new standard for how such cases are approached in the future.

This decision's legal repercussions extend beyond the immediate case, potentially affecting future electoral processes and candidate eligibility.

The ruling's political ramifications are equally significant. It has become a focal point of discussion among legal experts, politicians, and the public, reflecting the ongoing polarization in American politics.

Biden's Stance Reflects Deep-Rooted Concerns

Amidst this complex backdrop, President Biden's stance seems to echo the concerns of many Americans regarding the state of democracy and the rule of law. His statements are more than political rhetoric; they signify a deeper apprehension about the health of the nation's democratic institutions.

Biden's words have added weight to the ongoing conversations about accountability and justice in the wake of the January 6th events. They highlight the continuing struggle to come to terms with that day's impact on American democracy.

While the debate rages on, the country remains deeply divided. The coming days will likely see further developments as the legal battle over Trump's eligibility unfolds, and political discourse continues to evolve.


  • President Biden accused Trump of supporting the January 6th insurrection.
  • The Colorado Supreme Court ruled against Trump's 2024 ballot eligibility, citing the Insurrection Clause.
  • Trump, acquitted of related charges, and his campaign have decried the ruling and plan to appeal.
  • Biden's statements and the court's ruling have intensified the national debate over the January 6th events.

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