Biden Caught Stumbling Multiple Times On His Way Up Air Force One Steps

By Robert Cunningham, updated on February 21, 2024

In a moment that caught the public's eye, President Biden had a precarious ascent aboard Air Force One.

A new video has surfaced, depicting President Biden nearly stumbling as he navigated the stairs to Air Force One, reigniting debates over his fitness for office.

The footage, captured this Tuesday, shows the President using a set of new, shorter stairs—a precautionary measure that did not prevent the near mishap. This incident has swiftly become fodder for critics and supporters alike, sparking discussions far beyond the confines of a simple stumble.

Amidst the flurry of social media commentary, notable figures have weighed in, drawing attention not only to the incident itself but to the broader implications it may hold regarding the President's physical and mental state.

Concerns Over the President's Wellbeing Resurface

Social media platforms and conservative circles have been abuzz with reactions, ranging from sarcastic jibes to genuine concern for Biden's health. Comments have varied widely, from quips suggesting the need for a stretcher in place of stairs to more serious discussions about the President's capability to fulfill his duties.

This is not the first instance of Biden facing difficulty with stairs; he has had similar troubles, including a notable fall at the 2023 Air Force Academy commencement.

Adjustments and Precautions Highlighted

In response to these incidents, Biden's team has taken visible steps to ensure his safety, such as implementing shorter stairs for Air Force One and stationing a Secret Service agent nearby during his descents. These measures, while practical, have done little to quell the ongoing discussions about Biden's age and physical fitness for the presidency.

The Biden 2024 campaign's initiation of operation "Bubble Wrap" is a testament to the lengths his team is willing to go to protect the President from physical harm and potentially embarrassing moments.

Critics Voice Their Concerns Loudly

Among the voices contributing to the conversation, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell and RNC operative Jake Schneider have been particularly vocal, using the incident to question the President's fitness. The Spectator's contributing editor, Stephen Miller, and conservative digital strategist, Alec Sears, also offered their perspectives, underscoring the political ramifications of such public moments.

Joe Biden almost trips twice on the short steps. The man is falling apart in real time.

This singular event has thus become a focal point for broader discussions about Biden's suitability for the presidency, with every stumble scrutinized through the lens of political viability and leadership capacity.


President Biden's near stumble while ascending the stairs to Air Force One using a new, shorter staircase has sparked a fresh wave of debate regarding his fitness for office, with the incident quickly becoming a point of discussion on social media and among political commentators.

Critics, including Fox News contributor Leo Terrell and various conservative figures, have seized on the moment to raise questions about the President's physical and mental well-being. In response to prior incidents, the President's team has introduced safety measures like shorter stairs and close Secret Service supervision, which have nonetheless failed to silence concerns about his age and fitness.

The controversy has escalated to the extent that Biden's campaign has reportedly adopted a protective strategy dubbed "Bubble Wrap" to shield the President from potential harm and embarrassment. The event has transcended the physical misstep, turning into a symbol for ongoing debates about President Biden's overall capacity to lead.

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