Biden Caught On Camera Appearing To Scold KJP

 October 21, 2023

President Biden's recent interaction with his press secretary raises concerns about the control within the White House.

While aboard Air Force One, a reporter questioned President Biden about his discussions with the Israelis regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The President responded with a light-hearted "On everything. Ha ha ha." However, the mood quickly shifted when Jean-Pierre seemed to interject, leading Biden to sharply say, "Don't!" Jean-Pierre's reply was a subdued "Sorry, sir."

Following this, Biden redirected the conversation towards the evacuation of Americans from the region. He expressed hope in evacuating Americans from Gaza and mentioned ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of other Americans in the area.

State Department's Evacuation Plans

Amidst the conflict with the terrorist group Hamas, the State Department has been organizing evacuation plans for Americans in Israel.

However, there's a significant detail to note: American citizens are expected to pay for these evacuation flights, Conservative Brief reported.

This decision has been met with criticism, especially considering the current situation where many individuals are being cared for in U.S. cities after entering the country without legal documentation.

The contrast in treatment has raised eyebrows and questions about the administration's priorities.

Concerns Raised by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene voiced her concerns on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast. She drew parallels between the current situation in Israel and the Afghanistan evacuation, where many Americans were left stranded.

Greene emphasized the message being sent to Americans both abroad and at home, suggesting a lack of safety and security under the current administration.

Furthermore, she highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the whereabouts and conditions of several Americans in the region. The lack of clarity and communication has only added to the growing concerns about the administration's handling of international crises.

State Department's Defense

The State Department defended its decision to charge for evacuation flights. They emphasized their commitment to the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas, including government personnel and their dependents.

They also pointed out that U.S. law generally requires such evacuations to be on a reimbursable basis.

Those availing of these evacuation services are typically required to sign a promissory note, agreeing to repay the U.S. government. The amount billed is based on the cost of a full-fare economy flight or comparable transportation to the designated destination.


  • President Biden had a notable exchange with his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, during a press briefing.
  • The State Department is organizing evacuation plans for Americans in Israel amidst the conflict with Hamas.
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed concerns about the administration's handling of international crises.
  • The State Department defended its decision to charge American citizens for evacuation flights.

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