Biden Caught Chartering Helicopters To Haiti As Bodies Continues To Pile The Streets

 March 21, 2024

As the sun rises over Haiti, a nation torn by violence, Americans find themselves amidst an urgent evacuation.

The Biden administration has begun the urgent evacuation of Americans from Haiti, utilizing helicopters to transport them to the Dominican Republic in the face of escalating gang violence that has overwhelmed local law enforcement, Daily Mail reported.

Chaos has engulfed the streets of Haiti, once a tapestry of cultural vibrancy, now marred by the brutality of gang conflicts. As the violence spreads, reaching even the upscale neighborhoods around Port-au-Prince, the State Department has found itself chartering helicopters to evacuate up to 1,600 U.S. citizens seeking refuge from the turmoil. Due to the surge in hostilities, the airport's closure has left many stranded, seeking a way out of the bedlam that has taken over their lives.

A Desperate Plea Amidst the Chaos

The situation on the ground in Haiti is dire, with armed gangs laying siege to suburbs, their violent clashes leaving a trail of death and destruction. The haunting image of residents carrying wooden coffins through streets littered with debris paints a grim picture of the current state of affairs. Haiti's national police, outnumbered and outgunned, have been unable to stem the tide of violence, their pleas for assistance echoing throughout the nation's radio stations.

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel offered details on the evacuation effort, outlining the steps to assist Americans in safely leaving Haiti.

As of March 20th, the U.S. government is facilitating the safe departure of U.S. citizens from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We are in the process of organizing government-chartered helicopter flights from Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where U.S. government personnel are present to provide consular assistance.

And from Santo Domingo, American citizens will be responsible for their onward travel to the United States. Some are interested in exploring departure options. Some just want to stay in touch with the United States of America or the embassy. Some want expertise or advice on how they may be able to remain safe and others may not be in a place for safe departure now but maybe down the line.

The Struggle to Escape

Every day, the U.S. government organizes helicopter flights that allow thirty Americans to leave Haiti, offering a glimmer of hope for those desperate to flee the violence. In a short period, the number of Americans seeking to be evacuated surged from 1,000 to almost 1,600, reflecting the increasing urgency among those caught in the crisis.

The surge in gang violence in Haiti has led to the shutdown of the country's main international airport and the escape of over 4,000 prisoners, worsening the already severe lawlessness.

The situation has been further aggravated by the destruction of police stations, significantly weakening the Haitian national police, who are already outnumbered and struggling to counter the gangs' continuous attacks.

Policy and Politics Amidst the Crisis

Haiti's political scene adds another layer of complexity to the crisis, with the unelected Prime Minister Ariel Henry announcing his resignation amidst the chaos. Plans for an interim presidential council, supported by Caribbean states and Washington, have yet to materialize, leaving a political vacuum that only deepens the nation's turmoil.

Furthermore, individuals like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican Representative Cory Mills have taken it upon themselves to organize additional flights to aid stranded Americans, showcasing a united front in the face of adversity.

As this evacuation effort unfolds, it remains a stark reminder of the fragility of peace and the resilience of those seeking safety amidst the chaos. The Biden administration's swift action to facilitate the removal of Americans from Haiti underscores the critical nature of the situation, as gang violence continues to claim lives and displace thousands.

Amidst the despair, there is a glimmer of hope that the efforts of the U.S. and the broader international community can pave the way for stability and peace in a nation long tormented by conflict.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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