Biden Campaign Releases ‘MAGA Nonsense’ Document

 November 24, 2023

In a recent move that has sparked both controversy and criticism, the Biden-Harris reelection campaign released a so-called "handy guide" for supporters, intended to assist them in navigating potential political challenges during the holiday season.

An initiative by the Biden-Harris reelection campaign to equip their supporters with pre-scripted responses to conservative talking points intended for use during holiday gatherings has been met with widespread criticism.

Titled "handy guide for responding to crazy MAGA nonsense," the guide was posted shortly before Thanksgiving, a time typically associated with family gatherings and, for some, heated political debates. It contained pre-written responses to conservative talking points on various issues, ranging from the economy to immigration.

Swift Backlash Across Party Lines

The release of the guide was met with immediate criticism from various quarters. The main contention was that it encouraged confrontation during what should be a time of unity and celebration. Critics stated that the guide advocated for transforming peaceful holiday gatherings into battlegrounds for political arguments.

Detractors also voiced concerns that the pre-written responses could be seen as a form of propaganda. Moreover, they suggested that offering such a guide was tantamount to gaslighting, a manipulative tactic often associated with misinformation campaigns.

These criticisms were not limited to the usual suspects. Voices from across the political spectrum joined in the chorus of disapproval, revealing a rare moment of bipartisan agreement in an otherwise polarized political landscape.

Public Figures Voice Their Unease

Several commentators and political figures did not hold back their disapproval of the Democrats' approach. Alec Sears, a Republican digital strategist, criticized the Democrats for what he saw as promoting divisive behavior during a traditionally harmonious time.

Podcast host Siraj Hashmi questioned the need for political talking points during familial holiday gatherings, implying that such preparation was unnecessary and inappropriate. In a similar vein, author John Durant suggested that preparing political talking points for family discussions during Thanksgiving could be considered an unhealthy behavior.

In a particularly scathing comment, Conservative radio host Jason Rantz equated the Biden-Harris administration's distribution of the guide to a gross dissemination of propaganda scripts. Meanwhile, Doug Powers of Twitchy likened the Democrats' communications to the type of messaging one might expect from a state-controlled media in a totalitarian regime.

Distilling the Controversy

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the contentious nature of modern politics and how deeply it can infiltrate even the most intimate aspects of our lives.

As the holiday season continues, one can only hope that this controversy will lead to reflection and dialogue about the nature of political discourse and its place in our homes and family gatherings.

Regardless of political affiliations, perhaps there is a lesson here for everyone about the importance of maintaining a balance between political engagement and preserving the sanctity of familial harmony. After all, the holiday season is a time for unity, reflection, and gratitude.


  • The Biden-Harris campaign released a guide for supporters to counter conservative talking points during holiday gatherings.
  • The guide was criticized for promoting confrontation and gaslighting.
  • Public figures from various backgrounds expressed their disapproval and concern over the guide.
  • The incident sparked a broader discussion about the place of politics in family gatherings and personal spaces.

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