Biden Campaign Received Massive Donations from George Soros and Son

 December 3, 2023

Recent reports reveal that billionaire George Soros and his son Alex have made substantial contributions to President Biden's reelection campaign, marking a continuation of their support from the previous election cycle.

George Soros, a well-known financier and philanthropist, along with his son, Alex Soros, have contributed significantly to Democratic causes and candidates over the years.

Their latest foray into political funding involves President Biden's 2024 reelection campaign. In the second quarter of 2023, both George and Alex donated $6,600 each to the campaign.

Substantial Contributions to Biden's Victory Fund

September 2023 saw an increase in the Soroses' involvement, with George Soros donating a substantial $250,000 to the Biden Victory Fund. This is not the first time the Soros family has financially supported Biden; during the 2020 campaign, Alex Soros contributed over $720,000 to the Fund, while his father George added over $500,000.

Their contributions are part of a broader pattern of political engagement by the Soros family, especially in progressive and Democratic circles, Breitbart reported.

George Soros, in particular, has been a significant figure in funding campaigns of progressive prosecutors focused on criminal justice reform. This involvement has coincided with increases in crime rates in some Democrat-run cities, drawing both attention and controversy.

Alex Soros' Involvement in White House Affairs

Alex Soros' engagement extends beyond financial contributions. Over the past year, he has attended 20 meetings in the Biden White House, meeting with various administration officials. This level of access and involvement indicates a deeper role in the political discourse, a shift from solely being a financial supporter.

It was reported that George Soros was preparing to hand over control of his $25 billion financial empire to Alex. This move could signify a passing of the torch in terms of both financial and political influence within the Soros family.

George Soros has been a long-time supporter of various political causes, often stirring up controversy with his involvement. Recently, a book by Seamus Bruner alleged that Soros profited from deals related to a controversial abortion pill approved during the Clinton administration, a claim that adds another layer to the complex narrative surrounding Soros' political activities.

Impact of Soros-Backed Prosecutors on Crime Rates

The influence of the Soros family extends beyond presidential politics. George Soros' contributions to the campaigns of progressive prosecutors have coincided with a surge in crime in various Democrat-run cities. This has sparked debate about the impact of such funding on local policies and crime rates.

Commentators like Breitbart’s Joel Pollak have pointed out the correlation between the rise of Soros-backed prosecutors and the increase in crime, particularly murders, in these cities. The focus on progressive approaches to policing and incarceration, funded in part by Soros, has become a significant point of discussion in the wider conversation about crime and justice reform.

As the political climate heats up in anticipation of the 2024 presidential election, the actions and contributions of influential figures like George and Alex Soros will undoubtedly remain under close scrutiny.

Controversy Surrounding Soros' Financial Dealings

Amidst political contributions, the Soros family has also faced scrutiny over other financial activities. The recent publication of Seamus Bruner's book alleges that George Soros benefitted financially from a controversial abortion pill. The book claims that these profits were made possible through deals between the Rockefeller Foundation and the Clinton administration's FDA.

While these allegations add to the controversial image of George Soros, they also highlight the complex web of finance, politics, and personal influence that characterizes much of American political life. The Soros family, with their significant financial resources and political involvement, epitomize this intertwining of wealth and power.

As the political narrative unfolds, the role of major donors like George and Alex Soros in shaping policy and public opinion continues to be a topic of significant interest and debate.


  • George and Alex Soros have made notable contributions to President Biden's 2024 reelection campaign.
  • Alex Soros' increased involvement in White House affairs indicates a deeper political engagement beyond financial contributions.
  • George Soros' funding of progressive prosecutors and other political activities has been both influential and controversial.
  • Allegations in Seamus Bruner's book about George Soros' financial dealings add another layer to the public perception of the Soros family.

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