Biden Administration's Border Pact Turns Arizona Crossing Quiet

 May 21, 2024

The once bustling border town of Lukeville, Arizona, now starkly contrasts its previous vibrancy.

According to Breitbart News, migrant crossings in Lukeville, Arizona, have decreased dramatically following a secret deal struck between the Biden administration and Mexico in December, transforming what was once the busiest crossing point on the southwest border into a near ghost town. 

Before this agreement, the U.S.-Mexico border at Lukeville, Arizona, was overwhelmed with migrant activity, reaching up to 2,000 crossings per day in December 2023. This significant deal between the United States and Mexico has dramatically reduced these figures.

Astonishing Decrease in Migrant Crossings

In April 2024, President Biden and President AMLO reasserted their ongoing commitment to control illegal migration more effectively. This undertone of bipartisanship characterized by joint efforts has markedly reshaped border operations.

Following the December 2023 accord, migrant flows were notably disrupted not only at Lukeville but also across other critical transit points like Eagle Pass, Texas. Interestingly, while the overall number of crossings in states like Arizona and California initially surged after the Texas crackdown, they too fell in subsequent months.

With a 61% decrease in migrants penetrating the Tucson Border Patrol Sector, which encompasses Lukeville, the recalibration of border management strategies is evident. Operational changes, such as reopening highway checkpoints and resuming normal border patrols, have contributed significantly to this decline.

Operational Changes and Reduced Workload

The Organ Pipe National Monument, once a hive of Border Patrol activity, mirrors the calm now pervading Lukeville. Adjustments such as the decreased need for transportation resources and the discontinuation of round-the-clock operations at various rally points have been noted.

This quietude is corroborated by a Breitbart News video report highlighting the stark contrast between the bustling border scene in December 2023 and the current quieter operations. The operational shifts are markedly lowering the presence and visibility of migrants in previously overwhelmed sectors.

Deep cuts in migration were particularly pronounced among Venezuelans and Central Americans from the northern triangle, with decreases of 80% and 81%, respectively. These numbers reflect the effectiveness of recent policies and hint at a broader stabilization of the region's migratory patterns.

Biden and AMLO Unite for Stronger Migration Management

Following the discussion between Joe Biden and AMLO on April 28, 2024, a profound joint statement was released, emphasizing the continuation of collaborative efforts to manage migration effectively.

The two leaders addressed the necessity of immediate operational actions to trim down irregular border crossings while upholding human rights standards. They emphasized boosting border security operations and regional cooperation as key to enhancing the well-being and security of people on both sides of the border.

The partnership between the Biden Administration and AMLO's government marks a pivotal shift in tackling migration issues. This cooperation underscores a shared commitment to manage and substantially reduce illegal border crossings, demonstrating a harmonious approach that benefits both nations.


The once bustling border town of Lukeville, Arizona, now contrasts sharply with its former vibrancy. According to Breitbart News, a secret deal between the Biden administration and Mexico in December dramatically decreased migrant crossings, transforming Lukeville into a near ghost town. Previously overwhelmed with up to 2,000 crossings per day, the town saw a 61% decrease in migrant activity by April 2024. This decline, aided by operational changes and a renewed commitment to managing migration, reflects the effectiveness of recent policies and a collaborative effort between President Biden and President AMLO.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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