Biden Administration Admits They’ve Transported Over 320,000 Illegal Migrants

By Victor Winston, updated on March 4, 2024

In an era marked by increasingly complex immigration issues, a new chapter has emerged from the Biden administration's approach.

The United States has been quietly facilitating the transport of migrants into the country through covert flights, an initiative linked to the administration's efforts to manage asylum processes amidst escalating legal and security discussions.

The admission by Joe Biden's administration of orchestrating undisclosed flights to transport migrants directly into American cities has added another layer of contention in the ongoing national immigration debate.

The Secret Flights and the CBP One App

Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency at the forefront, has been tight-lipped, invoking national security concerns to justify the secrecy surrounding the program. This approach was part of a broader effort aimed at managing the influx of undocumented immigrants through a deemed necessary yet controversial method.

Using the CBP One app, the administration has streamlined what was once an opaque entry process for 320,000 individuals seeking asylum, posing both logistical innovations and ethical questions. The initiative stems from a broader strategy to handle immigration using modern technology while attempting to safeguard border integrity.

Controversy further spiraled after it was disclosed that taxpayer funds were allocated for the transport of migrants under the cover of darkness, a move that brought the administration under intense scrutiny.

Legal Concerns and National Security Implications

Such an extensive operation's legal underpinnings and implications have unsurprisingly attracted attention. President Biden’s directive to expand the CBP One app's capabilities, enabling asylum applications from migrants' home countries, marked a significant shift in addressing asylum processes. However, this shift includes logistical challenges and potential legal vulnerabilities.

A FOIA lawsuit illuminated the administration's resistance to disclosing operational details, citing the potential risk to public safety and the strategic integrity of U.S. border operations.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), pivotal in bringing these details to light, criticized the flights as "legally dubious," underscoring a broader discussion on the legality and ethics of such immigration practices.

This method of facilitating migrant entry has been a legal or political issue and a logistical one, stretching the capacities of at least 43 American airports between January and December 2023.

The Controversy Surrounding the Asylum and Immigration Policies

The government's hesitance to disclose flight departure locations stems from concerns that harmful groups could misuse such information, potentially jeopardizing national security and public safety. This cautious approach highlights the intricate task of enforcing immigration laws while ensuring national security and considering humanitarian aspects.

CBP lawyers have expressed that revealing airport details could expose the volume of arrivals, which might compromise U.S. border security efforts. This issue is part of a wider discussion on U.S. immigration and asylum policies, facing unique challenges today. The policy of issuing temporary humanitarian release and work permits under this program significantly impacts U.S. immigration policy.

The Biden administration's strategy, involving discreet transportation and the use of technology like the CBP One app, reflects the complex challenges of contemporary governance. This strategy seeks to strike a balance between humanitarian needs and legal and security requirements in a context where immigration policy is highly contentious.

In summary, the unfolding story of secret migrant flights into the U.S. underlines the complexities of contemporary immigration policy. It reflects an administration's efforts to manage an unprecedented influx of migrants through technologically mediated processes while navigating the legal, ethical, and security implications inherent in such a vital national issue.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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