Biden Admin Removed Acting Deputy Chief Of US Border Patrol

By Victor Winston, updated on February 17, 2024

In a bold move by the Biden administration, a longstanding official of the U.S. Border Patrol faces removal from his post due to allegations of misconduct. This upheaval, highlighting Joel Martinez's and Ryan Landrum's dismissals, unfolds against a backdrop of mounting criticism towards the administration's border management strategies.

The Biden administration has made a decisive action, officially removing Joel Martinez, the Acting Deputy Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, amid allegations of misconduct. Martinez, a seasoned veteran with over three decades of service in the Border Patrol, was confirmed to have been removed late Thursday. The administration has expressed a staunch stance against any form of misconduct within its ranks, emphasizing zero tolerance and full cooperation with ongoing investigations. However, specifics regarding the allegations remain undisclosed, respecting federal privacy laws.

Similarly, just days before Martinez’s exit, Ryan Landrum, the U.S. Border Patrol Academy Chief, found himself in a comparable predicament. Landrum was also relieved of his command, being placed on administrative leave following allegations of misconduct. The agency maintained a consistent narrative in both instances, stressing its commitment to integrity and accountability, though without delving into the details of Landrum's case.

Public Opinion and Border Security Concerns

This shake-up in the Border Patrol's senior leadership comes at a time when the Biden administration is under the scanner for its handling of border issues. Critics from various quarters have labeled the situation at the border as chaotic, with some going as far as to describe it as an "invasion" by illegal immigrants. The public sentiment is reflected in a recent Pew Research Center poll, which suggests a sweeping dissatisfaction with the federal government's approach to border management.

According to the poll, a mere 18% of Americans believe the government is effectively managing the border, while a staggering 80% disapprove of its performance. This wide gap underscores a significant challenge for the administration as it seeks to bolster security and manage immigration more effectively, Daily Wire reported.

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens shared his concerns about the daunting task of managing border security, especially in light of the significant number of individuals attempting to evade capture. “And those are the numbers [hundreds of thousands of known gotaways] that, for us, keep us up at night because if you know that all you need to do is turn yourself into the Border Patrol and go through the process, what possible reason would you have for wanting to evade capture and put yourself in danger to cross through the desert or be in a stash house or lock yourself in the back of a tractor-trailer? Could it be that those are the folks that probably have criminal intent, that have bad intent, that represent a possible threat to the people of this country? That’s the kind of thing that keeps us up at night.”

Confronting Challenges Within and Beyond

As the Biden administration navigates these turbulent waters, the removal of Joel Martinez and Ryan Landrum serves as a vivid reminder of the high standards to which law enforcement officials are held.

The administration's emphasis on integrity and accountability reflects its commitment to upholding these values, even as it faces public scrutiny over its border management policies.

This narrative emerges amid a larger conversation about border security, immigration policy, and the federal government's role in safeguarding the nation while ensuring respect for human rights and international laws. The recent developments within the U.S. Border Patrol underscore the complexities of managing border security in a politically and socially polarized environment.


The dismissals of Joel Martinez and Ryan Landrum highlight the Biden administration's resolve in addressing misconduct and reinforcing ethical standards within the Border Patrol.

Amidst public dissatisfaction and challenges on the ground, these actions emphasize the administration's commitment to both national security and administrative integrity.

As the situation evolves, the administration continues to seek a balanced approach to managing the border, one that respects legal and humanitarian principles while addressing security concerns.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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