Biden Admin Found Guilty Of Planting Operative In Fani Willis Office

 February 27, 2024

Allegations have surfaced against the Biden administration's involvement in what is described as a strategic legal pursuit against Donald Trump.

Multiple sources have brought to light claims that a Democrat operative, Jeff DiSantis, was placed in the Fulton County District Attorney's Office to target the former president, hinting at potential political interference in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Sources, who sought anonymity, have painted a picture of the Fulton County District Attorney’s environment as being mired in corruption. Jeff DiSantis, with his deep political connections and significant professional resume, including his role in Fani Willis's 2020 campaign and tenure as the former Executive Director of the Democrat Party of Georgia, is at the heart of these allegations.

The Engine behind the Strategy

According to these anonymous sources, Jeff DiSantis's role transcended that of a mere staff member; he is accused of orchestrating the entirety of the strategy to prosecute Donald Trump.

This purported orchestration includes influencing the selection of grand jurors and leveraging voter registration data, which raises questions about the fairness of the judicial process.

The Biden administration planted a Democrat operative inside a Fulton County office to target former President Donald Trump. If the Biden administration planted the operative, as the sources say, it would present a strong argument that the administration interfered in the 2024 presidential election.

In addition to his strategic input, DiSantis allegedly played a significant role in the post-election 2020 restructuring of the DA’s office, influencing employee selections.

A Scandal Within?

The allegations extend beyond mere political maneuvering. Fani Willis, the Fulton County prosecutor, and Nathan Wade, a fellow prosecutor, are embroiled in claims of an affair, an affair that Jeff DiSantis was reportedly aware of.

This aspect of the story adds a layer of personal scandal to the political intrigue, with testimonies and cellphone data purportedly showing inconsistencies in statements regarding the nature of Willis and Wade's relationship.

Indeed, their ability to conduct a fair prosecution has been called into question, not only by Trump and co-defendant Mike Roman but also by observers of the unfolding drama.

In a world where justice is expected to be blind, such allegations, if proven true, could significantly impact the credibility of the legal proceedings against Trump and others. The District Attorney’s Office's silence in response to these claims only adds to the growing cloud of suspicion.


Allegations have surfaced against the Biden administration for placing Jeff DiSantis, a Democrat operative, in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, allegedly to target Donald Trump strategically. DiSantis, with his significant political background, is accused of orchestrating the prosecution strategy, raising questions about the fairness of the judicial process ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Additionally, the office is embroiled in claims of corruption and personal scandals, including an affair between prosecutors Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, further complicating the credibility of the legal proceedings against Trump. These developments cast a shadow of political interference and challenge the integrity of the justice system.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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