Biden Admin Allowed Over 200,000 Deportation Cases To Be Dismissed

 March 21, 2024

A staggering oversight in deportation procedure management has been revealed, casting a shadow over the Biden administration's immigration policy execution.

The Daily Wire reported that the administration's failure to file required legal documents in approximately 200,000 deportation cases has prompted judges to dismiss these cases, leaving many immigrants in a precarious legal status.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for issuing and filing a Notice to Appear (NTA) for each individual flagged for deportation. However, this crucial step was not completed in many cases.

Consequently, immigration courts in key locations, such as Houston, Texas, and Miami, Florida, have seen more than half of their deportation cases dismissed since the 2021 fiscal year. The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a non-partisan research entity associated with Syracuse University, spotlighted this systemic failure.

Surging Case Dismissals Post-2021 Ignite Concern

According to TRAC's findings, the rate of case dismissals experienced a notable jump immediately following President Joe Biden's inauguration. This sharp increase is concerning not only for the figures themselves but also for the apparent ineffectiveness of managing immigration case flow and addressing the needs of those caught within the system.

These large numbers of dismissals and what happens next raise serious concerns. This suggests that in three-quarters of these 200,000 cases, the immigrant was effectively left in legal limbo without any way to pursue asylum or other means of relief. To our knowledge, DHS has not publicly released information on why and where these problems occur.

Despite the issues becoming apparent in 2021, the trend of dismissals did not ease in the subsequent years, contributing to a backlog of cases and a sense that many immigrants cannot access legal pathways that might be available to them. Moreover, such inefficiencies are concerning amid surging numbers of illegal border crossings, which have reached record highs. It is noted that nearly 75% of these dismissal cases have not been followed up with a second filing attempt by the DHS, underscoring a system struggling to find its footing.

The Impact on Asylum Seekers and the Court System

TRAC also criticized the immigration agencies for lacking transparency and for providing faulty or incomplete data. This criticism extends to the mishandling of asylum files, with TRAC's additional report highlighting that around 50,000 asylum files had seemingly disappeared. This issue complicates an already challenging situation by potentially offering a misleading picture of the backlog of asylum-seeking immigrants needing assistance.

The realization that necessary documentation has not been filed also creates scheduling bottlenecks within the immigration court system. With slots allocated for cases that do not proceed, the courts are left scrambling to manage time effectively in an already overstretched system.

A Deep Dive into Mismanagement and its Implications

As noted by TRAC, the problematic handling of deportation paperwork by the Biden administration has virtually jammed up immigration courts. This malpractice leaves many individuals in limbo and wastes valuable court time that could be devoted to resolving other cases promptly. The systemic issues revealed by TRAC align disturbingly with a period of rising illegal border crossings, exposing flaws in the current administration's approach to immigration enforcement and administration.

Considering the complexities and the humanitarian concerns intertwined with immigration policy and law enforcement, the revelations brought to light by TRAC's research underscore a pressing need for reform and reevaluation. The DHS and related agencies must address these shortcomings transparently and diligently to ensure that all individuals involved are accorded due process and a clear path to resolution, whether deportation, asylum, or another form of legal relief.


The Biden administration's failure to adequately manage deportation case filings has resulted in widespread case dismissals, leaving many immigrants in a state of uncertain legal status.

This inefficiency, highlighted against a backdrop of rising illegal border crossings and systemic issues within the DHS, underscores the urgent need for a revamp in how immigration cases are handled. As the debate on immigration policy continues, the focus should naturally shift toward ensuring accountability, improving procedural integrity, and bolstering the capacity of the immigration court system to deliver timely justice.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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