Biden Accuser Sues DOJ And Seeks Millions In Damages

 February 1, 2024

The accuser of President Biden takes a stand against the Department of Justice.

Tara Reade files a $10 million lawsuit against the DOJ for alleged misconduct and rights violations.

The claim that has caught the nation's attention involves Reade, who once served as a staff assistant to then-Senator Biden. She asserts that her Fourth Amendment rights were trampled upon by the FBI, among other serious violations.

These allegations stem from a distressing chapter in Reade's life that began when she accused Biden of sexual assault from an incident dating back to 1993.

Reade's Legal Battle Against Federal Authorities

The lawsuit goes beyond seeking financial damages; it also addresses the emotional turmoil and anxiety caused.

The legal complaint outlines a sequence of invasive measures, notably a grand jury subpoena issued to Twitter for Reade's account information in July 2020. Reade alleges that these actions have had profound effects, causing interruptions in her banking transactions and the unexplained loss of her manuscript.

Reade's attorney, Jonathan Levy, has publicly chastised the justice system for its apparent double standards. The comparison made between Reade's situation and the legal challenges faced by political figures such as President Trump and Mr. Giuliani raises questions about the equal application of the law.

The Fallout from Reade's Allegations

After a period of heightened scrutiny of Joe Biden's past conduct, Reade's allegations have not faded into the background. Instead, they've prompted a series of events that have propelled her to seek refuge as far as Russia, citing fears for her personal safety. This lawsuit appears to be a critical countermove in her ongoing quest for justice and personal safety.

The DOJ has maintained a policy of silence on the matter, offering no comment on the pending lawsuit. Meanwhile, Reade's pursuit for transparency continues as her lawyer has formally requested the release of all FBI files on her. They seek to have any related cases expunged in a bid to clear Reade's name and the record.

In the midst of this legal turmoil, Reade has not only contended with the alleged infringement of her rights but also with the court of public opinion. The issue of Biden's conduct, which Jen Psaki described as having been "heavily litigated," was a hot topic during the election period.

Seeking Justice in a Divided Nation

The narrative of Tara Reade's lawsuit raises the question of whether all citizens are subject to the same standards of law and order. Reade's story has become emblematic of the struggle many face when going up against powerful figures and institutions.

Reade's attorney, Jonathan Levy, said:

The United States should not have a two-tiered justice system. If President Trump and Mr. Giuliani can be assessed tens of millions in damages for their words; a weaponized FBI that seeks to silence, intimidate and eliminate Joe Biden’s victim, Tara Reade, must also be held accountable; failing to do so means our justice and legal system has become an instrument of political oppression and suppression.

Levy's words are a stark reminder of the balance the justice system must maintain to ensure it serves all citizens equitably.


Tara Reade's legal action against the DOJ is a pivotal moment in her long-standing contention that she was wronged by the agency's response to her allegations against President Biden. She is demanding a substantial sum for the distress and anxiety caused by what she considers to be a grave violation of her rights.

The case has brought to light concerns about the justice system's impartiality, especially when it involves high-profile figures. The DOJ's silence on the matter adds to the tension as the public watches on, with many awaiting the outcome to see if justice is truly blind.

Reade's decision to relocate to Russia for safety underscores the personal toll the situation has taken, and her attorney's comparison of her case to those of political figures raises serious questions about the fairness of legal consequences in America.

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With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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