BBC Journalist Nick Sheridan Dies From Brain Aneurysm

By Victor Winston, updated on March 7, 2024

The sudden demise of BBC Scotland journalist Nick Sheridan has shocked many.

At the young age of 32, Nick Sheridan's life was cut short by a brain aneurysm, leaving the journalism and political community in mourning.

After collapsing during a jog, Sheridan was placed into an induced coma by medical professionals, sadly passing away surrounded by his loved ones more than a week later. This event marks a significant loss for his family and friends and the world of journalism.

Gary Smith, the head of news at BBC Scotland, expressed his condolences and admiration for Sheridan. He noted Sheridan's remarkable talent and positive impact on those around him. Smith emphasized Sheridan's unique ability to brighten the lives of everyone he encountered with his wit, intelligence, and kindness. Such a statement highlighted the profound sense of loss felt by colleagues and the larger BBC community.

Humza Yousaf, the First Minister, also paid his respects, signifying Sheridan's substantial contributions to journalism and Scottish politics. Yousaf praised Sheridan’s robust questioning style, which many political figures, including himself, experienced firsthand during interviews. This high-ranking official acknowledgment underscores Sheridan's impactful career and the void his passing leaves.

A Celebrated Career and a Passionate Journalist

Sheridan was known for his versatility and skill across various broadcasting formats within BBC Scotland. His ability to engage with viewers on various subjects, from current events on Reporting Scotland to in-depth analyses on Drivetime, showcased his exceptional journalistic range. Additionally, programs like the Nine and Seven Days benefited from his insightful contributions, making him a familiar face and voice to many across Scotland.

Before his tenure at BBC Scotland began in 2018, Nick Sheridan had amassed considerable experience in broadcast journalism. Originating from Ireland, Sheridan's career spanned over a decade, commencing with a notable two-year stint at RTE News2day. During his time there, Sheridan honed his craft in various capacities, from behind the camera to the front, ultimately shaping him into the well-rounded journalist revered by many.

Further displaying his multifaceted talents, Sheridan ventured into children's literature, stepping back from his staff position to author a book. Nonetheless, his dedication to storytelling and journalism never wavered, as evidenced by his continued contributions to BBC Scotland. This pivot underscored Sheridan's passion for engaging with audiences of all ages, further cementing his legacy as a versatile and talented journalist.

Remembering Nick Sheridan: Contributions Beyond Journalism

The outpouring of tributes following Sheridan's passing reflected the broad impact of his work and character. The loss of such a luminous presence has been keenly felt by colleagues, viewers, and those he interviewed. The tributes paint a picture of a man deeply committed to his craft yet equally known for his kindness, generosity, and humor.

Gary Smith's tribute poignantly captures Sheridan's spirit and professional ethos. In Smith's words:

He was a hugely talented journalist, presenter, and author—and one of those rare people who light up the lives of everyone around them. Funny, clever, kind. A lovely man. Our hearts go out to his parents, who have been with him over the past ten days, to his partner, Lewis, and to all the rest of his family and friends.

This reflection recognizes Nick Sheridan's professional accomplishments and celebrates the personal attributes that endeared him to so many.


The sudden death of Nick Sheridan has created a palpable absence in journalism and politics. His death is deeply felt by colleagues, viewers, and all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Sheridan's distinguished work with BBC Scotland, his contributions to RTE News2day, and his foray into children's literature showcase a commitment to insightful storytelling and meaningful journalism.

His memory is honored through sincere accolades from prominent individuals like Gary Smith and Humza Yousaf and by the family and friends who supported him throughout his life. Nick Sheridan will be remembered as a skilled journalist, an enthusiastic storyteller, and a genuinely warm person whose presence was tragically taken too soon.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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