Barrett Blade and Stormy Daniels May Leave U.S. If Trump Acquitted

 May 16, 2024

Barrett Blade, the husband of Stormy Daniels, expressed serious concerns about their future in the United States during an interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

As reported by Breitbart News, Barrett Blade discussed potential outcomes related to Donald Trump's legal situation and its impact on their lives.

Blade appeared on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” to discuss the ongoing legal struggles and potential future plans for himself and his wife, Stormy Daniels.

During the interview, Blade conveyed a sense of no-win scenarios for Daniels, regardless of the trial’s outcome for former President Donald Trump. Highlighting the challenges Daniels continues to face, Blade mentioned the possibility of leaving the United States if Trump is found not guilty.

Blade stated that the ongoing situation has brought significant distress to Daniels, with no positive outcomes in sight. He emphasized that even if Trump is found guilty, Daniels would still face backlash from Trump's supporters, blaming her for his conviction. This uncertainty has led them to consider relocating abroad to find peace and normalcy.

Ongoing Legal Struggles and Public Reaction

Blade further detailed the continuous legal battles Daniels faces, similar to those encountered by E. Jean Carroll. He pointed out that Daniels has incurred substantial legal fees from lawsuits and lacks widespread support despite her role in challenging public figures. Blade's remarks shed light on the broader implications of Trump's legal proceedings and how they impact individuals like Daniels.

During the interview, Blade shared his frustrations, expressing concern over the lack of support for Daniels compared to other public figures. He referenced E. Jean Carroll’s legal battles, noting that while Carroll received some level of vindication, Daniels still struggles with the financial and emotional toll of her lawsuits. This disparity highlights the unique difficulties Daniels faces in her fight for justice.

Barrett Blade's Concerns for the Future

Blade’s comments reflect a deeper worry about their future in the United States. He mentioned that if Trump is acquitted, the couple might decide to leave the country to escape the ongoing turmoil. This potential decision underscores the gravity of their situation and the continuous challenges they face.

Blade explained that even in the event of Trump’s conviction, Daniels would still endure significant backlash from his supporters. He expressed a desire to move past these challenges and lead a normal life, a goal that seems increasingly unattainable given the current circumstances. The uncertainty surrounding the trial’s outcome adds to the stress and potential upheaval for the couple.

Stormy Daniels' Legal and Emotional Battle

Blade highlighted that Daniels’ legal battles have been financially draining and emotionally taxing. He described how Daniels has dealt with relentless public scrutiny and legal challenges without much external support. This ongoing struggle has made their future in the U.S. uncertain and fraught with potential difficulties.

In a poignant moment, Blade shared his heartbreak over the situation, saying:

It breaks my heart. Some of the things that she has to go through that people don’t realize, you know, we, we I guess, for example, you know, everybody has their agenda for at this point, and I don’t see people fighting back for her. For instance, E. Jean Carroll, although we’re super happy that everything that happened for happened Stormy opened the door, but Stormy got sued for the exact same two comments and she ended up getting legal fees she’s got to pay for, but no one wants to help her with that.

Conclusion: Uncertain Future for Blade and Daniels

In summary, Barrett Blade's interview with CNN highlights the significant personal and legal challenges faced by Stormy Daniels amid Donald Trump's ongoing legal proceedings.

Blade expressed deep concerns about their future, indicating that leaving the United States is possible if Trump acquits. Regardless of the trial's outcome, Daniels faces substantial backlash and financial burdens. Blade’s candid revelations underscore the broader impact of high-profile legal battles on individuals. As the trial unfolds, the future remains uncertain for Blade and Daniels, who seek peace and normalcy.

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