Barr Calls On Supreme Court To Overturn Colorado Decision

 December 23, 2023

The legal landscape surrounding former President Donald Trump continues to evolve, with former Attorney General Bill Barr recently weighing in on the matter.

Bill Barr has suggested that Trump's strategy to delay legal proceedings through the courts could be effective, potentially impacting his chances in the upcoming election.

Barr's insights come amidst a complex legal scenario involving Trump's immunity claims and a recent Supreme Court decision not to expedite a ruling on these claims. This decision is a potential factor in delaying Trump's trial and possible conviction on federal charges, potentially stretching beyond the 2024 election cycle.

Legal Strategy and the 2024 Election

During a recent interview, Barr discussed the current legal situation. He highlighted Trump's apparent strategy of using legal tools to prolong the legal proceedings, a tactic that he believes might be successful. Barr's comments indicate a deep understanding of the intricacies of such high-profile legal battles.

He further elaborated on the legal arguments surrounding Trump's actions in relation to the 2020 election. According to Barr, the crux of the debate is determining whether Trump's actions were in his capacity as a candidate or as the President. This distinction, Barr suggests, is pivotal in the ongoing legal discussions.

"Yeah, I mean, his strategy is to run out the clock, and he has a lot of tools to do that, and he may be successful," Barr stated, shedding light on the former president's possible legal path.

Barr's Take on Immunity and Legal Implications

One key aspect of the debate is the concept of absolute immunity for presidents, a topic Barr touched upon. He expressed his support for the protection of this immunity when it pertains to official functions performed by a president. This perspective is central to the ongoing legal discourse.

Barr criticized the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to remove Trump from the primary ballot. His disapproval of this decision reflects his views on the broader political-legal landscape surrounding Trump.

The government's stance, as Barr explained, is likely to revolve around Trump's role as a candidate, whereas Trump's defense might argue for immunity based on the use of official functions, even if they were for electoral purposes.

Barr elucidated:

"The government’s position is gonna be that he was a candidate, he was acting as a candidate, not really as president. And [Trump’s] argument is gonna be, I think, that whenever he uses an official function, if he directs the department to do something – even if the purpose is as a candidate – but if he uses that tool, then he’s immune."

Decisions Ahead for Barr and the Country

Barr maintained a reserved stance when questioned about his political choices, especially in a scenario where he would have to choose between Trump and Biden. He expressed his reluctance to support Biden but stopped short of openly endorsing Trump, indicating a nuanced position in the current political environment.

"Well as I said, I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it. Well, I could not support Biden," Barr remarked, highlighting his political dilemma.

The intersection of legal strategy, political maneuvering, and the judicial system's role in these matters remains a focal point in American politics. As the 2024 election approaches, the outcomes of these legal battles and their implications on the political landscape are being closely watched by analysts, politicians, and the public alike.


  • Barr's belief in Trump's potential success in delaying legal proceedings.
  • The Supreme Court's decision not to expedite a ruling on Trump's immunity claims.
  • The ongoing debate over Trump's actions as a candidate or president.
  • Barr's criticism of the Colorado Supreme Court's decision.
  • Barr's political dilemma regarding a choice between Trump and Biden.
  • The overarching impact of these developments on the 2024 presidential election.

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