Bar Complaint Filed Against Hunter Biden Lawyer

 January 17, 2024

A legal storm brews in California's legal circles.

America First Legal has lodged a formal complaint against Hunter Biden's attorney, Kevin Morris, with the California Bar Association.

In a move that has rippled through legal and political spheres, America First Legal accused Kevin Morris of professional misconduct. This stems from his financial ties and influence over Hunter Biden's dealings, particularly regarding his stake in a Chinese state-backed investment fund. The complaint hinges on the allegation that Morris violated the California Bar's conduct rules by becoming financially entangled with his client.

Allegations of Professional Misconduct

The legal watchdog group branded Morris as Hunter Biden's "sugar brother," a moniker that underscores the monetary support provided to Biden by his lawyer. Morris, who has emerged as a significant figure during the House impeachment inquiry into the Biden family, allegedly paid off Biden's IRS debts and provided him with millions of dollars for various expenses. This support has raised eyebrows, considering Morris also controls Biden's 10% stake in BHR Partners, drawing scrutiny from the legal community and beyond.

The complaint further emphasizes that Morris' financial assistance could be in violation of California Rule 1.8.5(a), which is designed to prevent potential abuses related to champerty and maintenance. America First Legal suggests that the financial relationship between Morris and Hunter Biden could potentially jeopardize the integrity of the attorney-client relationship, a sacred cornerstone in the legal profession.

Hunter Biden himself has openly acknowledged receiving financial support from Morris and has spoken warmly of their relationship. In a candid interview with the Los Angeles Times, Biden expressed his deep gratitude for Morris's aid and described him as akin to a brother.

Financial Entanglements and Ethical Concerns

The House investigators' probe into the Biden family, which began in November 2022, has unveiled a complex web of financial transactions. It involves not only Joe Biden, James and Hunter Biden, and nine other family members. These revelations have fueled the fire of the investigation into the Biden family's financial dealings.

America First Legal's complaint is not in isolation but part of a broader investigation that includes the financial dealings of the Biden family, including those of the President and his grandchildren. As suggested by the complaint, the intertwining of personal and professional finances has set the stage for a thorough examination by the California Bar.

Speaking on his relationship with Morris, Hunter Biden conveyed a sense of deep trust and reliance:

He’s a fighter, he is fearless. But it’s with the knowledge that no matter what, that I know that if I need him and most likely before I even know that I need him, he will be there and likewise me with him.

The Broader Implications of the Complaint

The legal complaint against Morris highlights the personal ties between a lawyer and his client and brings into question the broader implications for legal ethics and political accountability. By controlling a significant asset of his client and providing substantial financial support, Morris's actions have prompted a reevaluation of attorney conduct and its impact on public trust.

The California Bar Association, known for its stringent adherence to professional standards, now faces the task of navigating through the intricacies of this high-profile case. Their decision could set a precedent for managing and scrutinizing financial relationships between attorneys and their clients.

As the legal and political communities await the outcome, the situation underscores the need for clarity in the rules that govern attorney behavior, especially when it intersects with the public interest and political affairs.


America First Legal's complaint against Kevin Morris is significant regarding legal ethics and political transparency. Morris's financial support and control over Hunter Biden's stake in a Chinese fund have prompted allegations of professional misconduct, suggesting potential violations of the California Bar's rules.

The relationship between Morris and Hunter Biden, described warmly by Biden, raises questions about the boundaries of the attorney-client relationship. The ongoing House investigation into the Biden family's finances adds context to these concerns.

The California Bar's response to this complaint will be closely watched for its implications on the legal profession and political accountability.

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