Authorities Looking For Second Vehicle After Explosion At U.S/Canada Border

 November 22, 2023

An unusual and unsettling incident occurred on Wednesday at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the U.S. and Canada, near the iconic Niagara Falls, where a vehicle exploded following a crash. This has drawn the attention of the FBI, who are now investigating the matter as a possible attack.

A vehicle exploded at the U.S./Canada border on Wednesday, leading to an intense investigation and heightened security measures.

The event unfolded around 11:27 am when a car heading from the U.S. to Canada crashed into a median near the border officer building. This led to a dramatic explosion, captured on surveillance video, which showed the vehicle going airborne before erupting in flames.

Local and Federal Authorities Respond to Crisis

Following the explosion, immediate measures were taken for public safety. All bridges in the Niagara Falls area, including the Rainbow and Peace Bridges, were closed. Additionally, nearby government buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

The incident resulted in injuries to two individuals. A 27-year-old male, presumably the driver of the vehicle, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Furthermore, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer also sustained minor injuries but was released from the hospital shortly thereafter.

Federal authorities, including the FBI, have taken charge of the investigation. They revealed that they have a specific subject in mind regarding who was driving the car, though details remain scarce as the inquiry continues.

Public Officials Address the Incident

New York Governor Kathy Hochul addressed the public, ensuring transparency and calm.

"There is no evidence at this time that this was a terrorist activity. And that's what I want to make very clear to the public," she stated.

"We will continue to investigate, but our preliminary assessment of the situation is that it was not terrorism-related," U.S. Attorney Trini E. Ross elaborated on the nature of the incident.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand also issued a statement, urging the public to avoid the area and follow the guidance of law enforcement and first responders:

"Because of the situation on the Rainbow Bridge between the US and Canada in Niagara Falls, both the Rainbow Bridge and the Peace Bridge are now closed. Please avoid the area and follow the guidance of law enforcement and first responders," she wrote in a post.

Enhanced Security Measures in Effect

In response to the incident, the region immediately enhanced security measures. The focus was not only on the immediate vicinity of Niagara Falls but also extended to major cities like Buffalo and New York City.

These measures reflect the seriousness with which authorities are treating the incident, despite the early assessments suggesting that it was not related to terrorism.

The incident has brought to the forefront the importance of vigilance and rapid response in handling unexpected security threats, even in areas not typically associated with such events.

Investigation Continues as Community Reels

The community around Niagara Falls has been left shaken by this unforeseen event. The bustling border, usually a connection point between two nations, became a site of alarm and investigation.

Authorities continue to piece together the circumstances leading up to the explosion. The revelation that the FBI has a subject in mind as the driver of the car adds a layer of intrigue to an already complex situation.

As the investigation unfolds, the public remains on alert, and officials continue to ensure that all efforts are being made to understand the full scope of what occurred at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing.


  • A vehicle explosion occurred at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing on Wednesday, raising security concerns.
  • The explosion led to the closure of bridges and the evacuation of nearby buildings.
  • Two individuals were injured, including the driver and a CBP officer.
  • The FBI is investigating the incident, with a subject in mind regarding the driver.
  • Authorities ensure that early assessments do not indicate a terrorism link.
  • Security has been heightened in Buffalo and New York City following the incident.

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