Astros Pitcher Ronel Blanco Suspended 10 Games For Sticky Substance

 May 15, 2024

Houston Astros pitcher Ronel Blanco has been suspended for 10 games after being ejected for having a sticky substance in his glove during a game against the Oakland Athletics.

Major League Baseball (MLB) announced the suspension and an undisclosed fine following the incident, Fox News reported.

Blanco was ejected when umpires discovered a sticky substance in his glove during an examination before the fourth inning of the game held on May 14, 2024. The incident was described as one of the most blatant violations observed since MLB's mandate to check pitchers for foreign substances. Ronel Blanco, known for throwing the first no-hitter of the season on April 1 against the Toronto Blue Jays, will not contest the suspension. His season has been impressive, featuring a 2.09 ERA with 45 strikeouts and 21 walks over 47⅓ innings in eight starts.

Substance Found During Routine Check

The discovery occurred as the Astros faced the Athletics. Umpires detected the sticky material during a routine inspection of Blanco's glove, causing immediate ejection. In a statement, Astros manager Joe Espada asserted that the substance was a mix of sweat and rosin. "The stickiest stuff felt on glove since the crackdown," one umpire noted regarding the substance found. This strong language highlights MLB's increased vigilance against foreign substances. While rosin is allowed for pitchers, it must be used solely on their pitching hand.

Blanco had recently delivered an exceptional performance with three scoreless innings against the Athletics, allowing only four hits, one walk, and striking out four batters. His removal from the rotation will prompt the Astros to move to a five-man rotation during his absence.

Astros Manager Defends Blanco

Astros General Manager Dana Brown confirmed that Blanco would not appeal the suspension. The reaction from the team's management reflects a stance focused on moving beyond the incident quickly. In a stand-alone quote, Espada clarified the situation: Blanco had a mixture of sweat and rosin in his glove.

Espada's remarks point to the complexities of allowable substances and their uses, adding perspective to the challenges pitchers face under the current rules.

Blanco's suspension, which started immediately on May 15, leaves the Astros adjusting their strategy mid-season. Despite the setback, Blanco's talent and contributions to the team had been significant, with his performance earlier in the season serving as a testament.

Enforcement Of League Policies

Enforcement of MLB's foreign substance policy has been a major focus since the initiative began. Blanco's case stands out due to the description of the infraction as an egregious violation, emphasizing the league's commitment to fair play.

As the Astros continue their series with the Athletics, the focus will be on how the team's rotation adapts to Blanco's absence. The decision not to appeal the suspension suggests a strategic move to minimize distractions and enable the team to concentrate on the games ahead.

Given Blanco's notable season stats and achievements, including the no-hitter and his consistent ERA, his temporary removal is a significant change for the team. His reintroduction post-suspension will be closely monitored by both fans and analysts.

In summary, Houston Astros pitcher Ronel Blanco was ejected from a game after a sticky substance was found in his glove. MLB suspended him for 10 games and fined him undisclosed amounts. He will not appeal and the Astros will switch to a five-man rotation during his suspension. Manager Joe Espada stated the substance was a mix of sweat and rosin; MLB described it as one of the worst violations seen since enforcement began.

Blanco's solid performance up until the suspension reiterates his value to the team and the impact of his absence. As the Astros adapt, the focus remains on maintaining their competitive performance in Blanco’s absence and preparing for his eventual return.

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