Art Dealer Told Congress That Joe Biden Called And Met Him

 January 16, 2024

Art dealer's congressional testimony raises eyebrows in Washington.

Art dealer George Berges' recent congressional testimony has revealed potentially troubling details about the sale of Hunter Biden's artwork.

In a surprising testimony to Congress, George Berges, the art dealer responsible for selling Hunter Biden's paintings, disclosed interactions with President Joe Biden that seem to counter the official stance of the White House. These interactions suggest a more direct involvement of the President in his son's affairs than previously acknowledged. Berges' revelations have scrutinized the ethical framework supposedly governing Hunter Biden's art sales.

Dealer's Testimony Undercuts White House Claims

During his time before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, Berges stated that the President's son, Hunter Biden, was aware of the identities of approximately 70% of the buyers of his artwork. This contradicts earlier White House assertions that the sales were conducted anonymously to prevent ethical conflicts. The buyers, many of whom are known Democrat donors, raise questions about the integrity of the sales process.

Hunter Biden's initial agreement with Berges included an atypical clause in the art world: it allowed him to know who was purchasing his art. A later contract would remove this clause, aligning with standard practices where artists remain unaware of their buyers' identities. Berges noted that of the 15 other artists he represents, none had requested to know the identities of their buyers, underscoring the unusual nature of Hunter Biden's initial request.

Berges pointed out the atypical nature of the arrangement with Hunter Biden, saying, "I believe in the first contract, he was—he was able to know who the buyers were. That part was different. Normally, the gallerist does not let the artist know who the collectors are."

Presidential Involvement Questioned

In what may be the most striking aspect of his testimony, Berges mentioned both in-person and telephone interactions with President Joe Biden regarding the art sales. Such involvement seems to bridge the declared 'arms-length' relationship the White House maintained was in place. An in-person meeting occurred at the White House, coinciding with a family event: the wedding of Hunter Biden's daughter.

Additionally, Berges recounted a phone call from President Biden when his own daughter finished camp, an exchange that suggests a more personal relationship than previously portrayed.

None of these interactions had been disclosed by the White House prior to Berges' testimony. This information aligns with previous reports suggesting that President Biden may have been more involved in his son's business dealings than acknowledged.

Additional Details Surrounding Art Sales

Other events and figures circling Hunter Biden further complicate the story around the art sales. Devon Archer, a former business partner, had previously testified about Joe Biden's involvement with his son's business associates. Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor Kevin Morris was among those who purchased Hunter Biden's artwork, spending at least $875,000.

Elizabeth Naftali, appointed by Joe Biden to a federal commission, also acquired artwork from Hunter.

Joe Biden fundraiser Lanette Phillips reportedly facilitated the connection between Hunter Biden and Berges. With the first art sale taking place in December 2020, the timeline of these events has been a focal point in the investigations.


George Berges' testimony to Congress has unveiled potential inconsistencies between the White House's stated position and the actual events surrounding Hunter Biden's art sales.

The involvement of President Biden, through both direct communication and potential attendance at key meetings, raises concerns about the integrity of the claimed ethical boundaries. Berges' claims that Hunter Biden knew the buyers' identities, along with the participation of Democrat donors in the purchases, add another layer of scrutiny.

The termination of Berges' professional relationship with Hunter Biden and his subsequent testimony to Congress indicate that the saga of these art sales is far from resolved.

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