Armed and Dangerous Triple Murder Suspect Sought in Arkansas

 June 19, 2024

Authorities in Arkansas are intensifying their manhunt for Stacy Lee Drake, a 50-year-old man from Alabama, wanted for multiple violent crimes, including three homicides.

Fox News reported that authorities last spotted Stacy Lee Drake, whose crimes span across multiple states, in Morrilton, Arkansas.

Details of the Homicides and Suspect's Description

According to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office, Drake allegedly murdered three individuals in Oklahoma, with these murders linked to two separate carjackings. They reported discovering two victims near State Highway 64 and South 4670 Road in Oklahoma.

The Arkansas State Police (ASP) and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) are collaborating in these investigations, identifying Drake as a person of interest shortly after discovering the bodies.

Alert for Public Safety Issued

Authorities emphasize that Drake is armed and dangerous, advising the public not to approach him and to call 911 immediately if they see him. Moreover, this caution comes amidst a stressful time for residents in both Arkansas and Oklahoma as the manhunt continues.

Arkansas State Police stated in a social media update that "Stacy Lee Drake is considered 'armed and dangerous.'" Consequently, this reinforces the urgency and seriousness of the public warnings issued.

Following the tragedies in Oklahoma, law enforcement officials discovered a vehicle linked to Drake in Morrilton, indicating that he might be hiding somewhere nearby. Notably, this vehicle discovery was crucial in tracing Drake’s movements post-crime.

In addition to the homicides, authorities are also seeking Drake for robbery and carjacking, resulting in a significant list of severe charges across different jurisdictions.

According to Arkansas State Police:

Stacy Lee Drake of Birmingham, Ala., is wanted in connection with three homicides in Oklahoma. This widespread criminal activity necessitates cross-border coordination between law enforcement agencies to capture the fugitive.

Police released physical descriptions highlighting that Drake is approximately 5-foot-11, with brown hair and eyes, weighing about 185 pounds. Changes in his appearance may complicate immediate recognition, making public attentiveness all the more crucial. The expansive search began with deputies in Oklahoma discovering two bodies, leading to rapid escalation in investigations. Authorities linked the crimes to Drake by the subsequent Tuesday.

Stretched Resources and Multi-State Cooperation

The complexity of this case has stretched resources and necessitated a multi-state collaboration. Consequently, police departments from different states and federal agencies are pooling their efforts to quickly and safely apprehend Drake.

Furthermore, the public plays a critical role in such situations. ASP’s appeal is part of a broader strategy to involve citizens in the surveillance network, an increasingly common practice in potentially dangerous fugitive cases. Recent developments have put local communities on high alert, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and prompt suspicious activity reporting. Despite law enforcement agencies continuing to follow leads, the elusive nature of the suspect adds significant challenges to their efforts.

In conclusion, multiple law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing Stacy Lee Drake in the ongoing manhunt, aiming to mitigate any further threat he may pose. With charges including triple homicide, robbery, and carjacking, capturing Drake remains a top priority, underlining the severe nature of his alleged crimes and the widespread impact on community safety.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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