‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Has Court And Health Records Sealed

 January 19, 2024

Frank Fritz, known for his role in the popular television series "American Pickers," has faced significant health and legal challenges in recent years.

The 60-year-old star of "American Pickers" has had his health and court records sealed following a stroke and subsequent conservatorship.

In July 2022, Fritz suffered a major stroke that has had lasting impacts on his health and lifestyle. Since August 2022, he has been under conservatorship and guardianship, a common legal arrangement for individuals who cannot decide for themselves. This development came following his departure from "American Pickers" in March 2020 due to a back injury.

The conservator in charge of Fritz's affairs has recently taken steps to protect his privacy. In January 2023, a request was made to seal the annual report detailing Fritz's health and financial status. This report was overdue and was supposed to be filed by November 2022. An Iowa judge granted this request, assigning the report a "security level three" to ensure Fritz's privacy.

Fritz's Health Journey: From Wheelchair to Improvement

Fritz's health has been a major concern for his friends, family, and fans.

After the stroke, he was initially confined to a wheelchair but has shown remarkable progress. He can now walk short distances, although he still requires the wheelchair for longer movements due to limited motion on his right side. A friend of Fritz, speaking about his condition, shared that despite his stroke, he's far from debilitated:

He’s had a stroke, but he’s definitely not debilitated to the point where he can’t do anything or do whatever he wants. He doesn’t have any problems with that. It’s just a change of lifestyle and it slowed him down. He’s the same old Frank. He has a good attitude and a great sense of humor. His mindset is positive. We crack jokes all the time. You gotta make the best of the situation so he’s come to terms with all of that.

The Conservatorship: A Temporary Solution

The conservatorship over Fritz is considered temporary.

This legal arrangement was deemed necessary due to the severity of his health issues. The conservatorship involves not only his welfare but also his property and monetary assets. The fact that this is the second time paperwork has been filed late in his case raises concerns about the management of his affairs.

Despite the challenges he faces, Fritz's spirit remains unbroken. According to friends, he still retains his humor and wit, essential parts of his personality that endeared him to viewers of "American Pickers." According to sources close to Fritz, the stroke has affected his speech, which prevents a possible return to the show.


  • Frank Fritz, the 60-year-old former star of "American Pickers," suffered a major stroke in July 2022, leading to significant health changes and the imposition of a conservatorship in August 2022.
  • His health and court records have been sealed for privacy, with a recent judicial decision to assign a "security level three" to his annual health and financial report.
  • Although Fritz experienced limitations due to the stroke, including initially using a wheelchair, he has made progress and can walk short distances, albeit still needing a wheelchair for longer movements.
  • The conservatorship, a temporary measure, oversees his personal welfare and financial assets, with concerns raised over the late filing of required paperwork.
  • Despite health challenges affecting his speech and preventing a return to television, Fritz maintains a positive attitude and sense of humor, as noted by friends.

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