Alvin Bragg’s Case Takes Another Turn As Illegal Immigrant Who Attacked NYPD Cop Was Arrested Again

By Robert Cunningham, updated on February 15, 2024

One man's repeat offenses raise alarm in a city grappling with crime.

Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel, 19, was arrested again, this time for his role in a Queens Macy’s robbery.

Suspected of serving as the lookout, Gomez-Izquiel's capture followed the release of a wanted poster that led to his apprehension. His alleged involvement in the crime adds another chapter to his troubled history with the law in New York City. The arrest comes on the heels of his prior release without bail for the assault of two NYPD officers, a decision that has since drawn sharp criticism.

The Incident at Macy's and its Aftermath

During the theft at Macy's, a quartet of would-be thieves, including Gomez-Izquiel, reportedly concealed $600 worth of clothing in bags, only to be confronted by a vigilant security guard.

The guard, 27, was met with violence, punched in the face for his attempt to uphold the store's safety. Though he declined medical attention, the assault on the security guard, who sustained injuries, underscores the perils faced by those in the line of duty.

Gomez-Izquiel's role as a lookout was critical to the robbery, showcasing a calculated attempt at criminal success. Following the incident, all suspects fled, but it was the swift action of law enforcement that ensured Gomez-Izquiel did not evade capture for long. His arrest, along with 21-year-old Ulises Gohorquez for assaulting the security guard, signifies a small yet significant victory for the authorities.

A Pattern of Violence and a System Under Scrutiny

Gomez-Izquiel's residence in a Manhattan shelter for illegal immigrants marks him as one of many in the city without legal status, raising concerns over the intersection of immigration and crime.

The previous arrest for attacking police officers and his subsequent release sparked outrage among those who see the decision as a failure of the justice system.
The Police Benevolent Association's statement reflects deep frustration with a system perceived as lenient, especially towards those who harm law enforcement.

Those who attack NYC police officers have zero respect for the law. This is EXACTLY what happens when our justice system fails to hold them accountable – they are emboldened to victimize other New Yorkers. He needs to be put back behind bars … and kept there.

The aftermath of Gomez-Izquiel's previous arrest saw the Manhattan District Attorney's Office indicting seven individuals related to the police beating case. This development, along with the arrests of Wilson Juarez and Kelvin Servita Arocha in the Bronx, dispels rumors and misinformation that had been circulating about the suspects' whereabouts. The DA's office reassures the public that with five individuals now in custody, the pursuit of justice continues in earnest.

The Justice System in the Spotlight

The broader implications of such incidents are not lost on those who uphold the law. A representative from the DA's office addressed the misinformation and reinforced the ongoing commitment to the case.

The Police Benevolent Association's critique is a stark reminder of the challenges facing New York City's justice system. The spokesperson for the District Attorney's office asserted that the arrest of additional suspects in the Bronx puts to rest any false narratives about the case.

Yesterday the NYPD arrested another individual in the Bronx pursuant to an arrest warrant stemming from our indictment. Wilson Juarez and Kelvin Servita Arocha were in the same apartment when that arrest occurred – contrary to widespread misinformation they had fled New York City on a bus.

With five of the individuals charged with the beating of NYPD officers now detained, authorities are pressing on with their investigations.
The DA's office emphasizes that the legal process is active and ongoing, a reassurance to a public seeking closure and justice.

Concluding Thoughts

The arrest of Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel for the Macy's robbery in Queens has reopened discussions about crime and punishment in New York City. His prior release without bail after assaulting NYPD officers has been met with severe criticism from law enforcement advocacy groups.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has been working to correct misinformation regarding the case and asserts that their investigation continues. The Police Benevolent Association's statement highlights a broader concern about the respect for law enforcement and the effectiveness of the justice system. As the city watches, the outcome of this case may set a precedent for future legal decisions in similar situations.

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