Alvin Bragg Smacked Down As Trump Keeps Getting Approvals On Legal Delays

 March 16, 2024

The specter of prolonged legal proceedings shadows former President Donald Trump's path toward the next presidential election season. Verdicts on his numerous legal challenges may not be rendered until we are deep into the electoral cycle, complicating both his political standing and the country's legal precedents.

According to Newsmax, in an increasingly divided nation, the legal saga enveloping Trump serves as a litmus test for the resilience of America's judicial system. His Washington, D.C., case, centered on election interference claims, hinges on a consequential Supreme Court decision regarding presidential immunity. This pivotal determination could set significant legal precedents, reflecting the unique entanglements a former president faces.

Meanwhile, in Florida and Georgia, legal proceedings concerning classified documents and election subversion, respectively, inch forward, marred by procedural delays. The Florida case, in particular, seems poised for significant postponements, while scheduling for the Georgia trial remains undecided.

Delays in the New York Hush-Money Case

In New York, a trial related to alleged hush-money payments intended to bury damaging stories during Trump's 2016 campaign has encountered scheduling delays until at least mid-April. Trump's lawyers have requested further delays, while the district attorney's office proposed a shorter postponement. A hearing on March 25 will address these concerns, highlighting the complexities of adjudicating high-profile cases involving voluminous evidence and intricate legal arguments.

The Manhattan district attorney's office and Trump's legal team are embroiled in a dispute over the submission timelines and relevance of more than 100,000 pages of evidence. Trump's defense insists some of this late evidence benefits their case, challenging the prosecution's assertion of its irrelevance.

This case, stemming from a 2018 federal investigation into Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, illustrates the enduring ripples of legal accountability. Cohen's guilty plea to campaign finance violations, loosely tied to Trump, underscores the tangled web of legal and ethical considerations in politically sensitive prosecutions.

The National Dialogue on Justice and Politics

As Trump's multiple legal challenges unfold, they spark an essential conversation about the intersection of politics and the judiciary. Central to this discourse is the question of whether a trial preceding an election carries inherent risks to fair and unbiased proceedings.

Trump's attorneys argue vehemently against a pre-election trial, fearing it would compromise the trial's fairness and practicality.

Judge Aileen Cannon and Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, overseeing respective trials, navigate these contentious waters with the welfare of legal integrity and fairness at the fore. Their stewardship in these high-profile cases could set critical precedents for handling legal actions against political figures.


Legal battles during or near an electoral cycle pose unparalleled challenges to all involved, stretching the bounds of legal strategy, public opinion, and democratic principles. Beyond the outcomes of the trials, these legal proceedings test the underpinnings of America’s governance and its commitment to the rule of law.

As Trump's legal entanglements extend into the electoral season, they spotlight the intricate dance between law and politics.

From the Supreme Court's looming decision on presidential immunity to the logistical and evidential complexities in New York, these cases are more than individual legal battles. They represent a critical reflection on American democracy, the impartiality of its judicial system, and the ever-evolving relationship between political power and the rule of law.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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