Alvin Bragg Friend Arrested For Murder

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 8, 2024

One man's story has taken a grisly turn in a city where second chances are as rare as they are celebrated.

According to The Daily Mail, the trusted mentor and friend of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is now behind bars, charged with a heinous crime.

Sheldon Johnson's rise from a convicted felon to a voice for justice reform, capped by his appearance on a popular podcast, has now been overshadowed by accusations of murder most foul.

From Redemption to Accusations

Sheldon Johnson, once a beacon of hope for the reformed, stands accused of a crime that, if proven, could unravel his story of redemption. On February 1, Johnson detailed his transformation on the Joe Rogan Experience, a platform known for deep dives into the lives of its guests. Johnson spoke candidly about his ascent through the ranks of a prison gang and his subsequent choice to walk a righteous path, a decision that won him admiration and trust within the community.

The crime scene, a Bronx apartment, became the center of a macabre discovery that has shocked New Yorkers. The body of 44-year-old Colin Small was found dismembered, with a severed head chillingly stowed in a freezer and other remains packed into a bin. This gruesome find led authorities to Johnson, who was arrested just weeks after proclaiming his reformed life to thousands of podcast listeners.

Johnson, who has dedicated his post-prison life to steering at-risk youth away from crime, spoke on the podcast about his past of drug dealing and robbery. He admitted to the violent nature of his crimes in the 1990s but claimed a stint in solitary confinement was the catalyst for his change of heart. Now, those rehabilitation claims are being scrutinized under the harshest of spotlights.

Evidence and Eyewitnesses

On the night of the alleged murder, Johnson's behavior aroused suspicion. He was seen wearing a blonde wig, a possible attempt at a disguise, and transporting large bags—actions that did not go unnoticed by the building's superintendent. This unusual behavior raised alarms, particularly as it was accompanied by the victim's car, which Johnson was observed driving.

Neighbors' reports add a chilling soundtrack to the night in question. They recall a voice, desperate and pleading, "Please don't... I have a family," followed by the stark finality of two gunshots. This testimony, alongside the superintendent's observations, led police to a discovery that would ignite a media firestorm.

The evidence bags piled outside the crime scene paint a grim picture of the investigation's trajectory. Police, acting on the reports from neighbors and the superintendent's observations, uncovered the remains of Colin Small. Once processed, this evidence could prove pivotal in the case against Johnson, who maintains his innocence despite the gravity of the charges.

A Community's Champion Faces His Darkest Hour

The ironies are not lost on a community that once hailed Johnson as a champion of criminal justice reform. He has been vocal about the impact of incarceration on families, writing about the emotional devastation wrought by his own son's imprisonment. Johnson's work, especially with young people vulnerable to the same pitfalls that once ensnared him, has been a source of hope for many.

"I'm innocent!" Johnson hurled at reporters as he was led away by police. The stark contrast between this claim and the accusations he faces strikes at the heart of a narrative that has been one of uplift and redemption until now.

To express that Johnson, a man who had seemingly turned his life around, could be capable of such an act is to confront a troubling conundrum. His own words on the Joe Rogan podcast resonate with a haunting prescience: "I've been doing bad for so long. I'm going to try to do something good. If all else fails, I can go back to doing something bad."

Conclusion: The Collision of Past and Present

The story of Sheldon Johnson is a tale of transformation and, potentially, tragic backsliding. Once incarcerated for violent robberies, Johnson became a voice for justice reform and a mentor to at-risk youth, sharing his journey of self-improvement on a global stage. Yet, the discovery of Colin Small's dismembered body in a Bronx apartment, coupled with evidence and eyewitness accounts, has cast a long shadow over Johnson's narrative of change.

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