‘All My Children’ Star Alec Musser Dead At 50

 January 15, 2024

The entertainment world is in mourning today.

Alec Musser has passed away at 50 in his California home.

Alec Musser, a name that resonated with fans across the fitness and entertainment industry, was found deceased at his home in the beachfront city of Del Mar, California, on a quiet Friday night.

The news of his untimely passing has left a community in shock, as the well-loved actor and fitness model was known for his commitment to health and physical wellbeing. Musser, aged 50, was at the peak of his personal life, engaged to Paige Press, his partner of over six years.

A Career in Spotlight and Fitness

Musser's journey in the limelight began when he won over audiences on the second season of "I Wanna Be a Soap Star," which launched him into the role of Del Henry on the beloved soap opera "All My Children." His tenure on the show spanned from 2005 to 2007, marking a significant chapter in his career.

Besides his memorable role on the ABC daytime drama, Musser's career highlights included a part in the 2010 comedy "Grown Ups," a project of the renowned comedian and actor Adam Sandler.

Alec Musser was recognized for his acting chops and his physique, gracing the covers of numerous health and fitness magazines. Despite stepping back from the Hollywood scene, Musser remained a prominent figure in the fitness world, inspiring many with his dedication to a healthy lifestyle. He continued to share his fitness journey with followers on social media well into recent years.

Personal Life and Legacy

After a successful career in front of the camera, Alec Musser shifted his focus towards a more private life, cherishing moments with his fiancé, Paige Press. Press, in her grief, has publicly expressed her sorrow in a heartfelt social media post:

Today is the worst day of my life. We were so happy. I can't describe the void that's left in my heart. Alec was not just my partner, but my best friend, my beloved, and the light of my life. His spirit and zest for life were contagious, and he touched so many lives with his generosity and kindness.

The outpouring of condolences has seen figures like Adam Sandler remembering Musser as a "wonderful and funny person" who brought light and laughter to those around him. Musser's death has sparked a flurry of tributes and remembrances from the entertainment and fitness communities as they reflect on his impact and legacy.

Reactions and Condolences

The news of Alec Musser's passing has prompted a wave of reactions from fans, friends, and colleagues. The cause of Musser's death remains undisclosed, adding to the poignancy of the situation. Discussions have begun to unfold, focusing on the legacy Musser leaves behind in the domains of television and wellness.

His portrayal of Del Henry in "All My Children," for which he appeared in a total of 43 episodes, was especially celebrated, with fans recalling his charismatic performance. Musser's victory in SOAPnet’s "I Wanna Be a Soap Star" Season 2 is remembered as the moment that kickstarted his career in entertainment.

As the fitness community reflects on his contributions, many emphasize the inspiration he provided for healthy living and his motivational presence on social media.


Alec Musser, the former actor and fitness model remembered for his role in "All My Children," has passed away, leaving behind his fiancé and a legacy in the entertainment and fitness industries. The cause of his death remains undisclosed, leaving those he touched with questions and a deep sense of loss.

Musser was a beacon of health and well-being, a status reflected in his career and personal life. His impact on his fans and followers is undeniable, and his absence will be felt across the communities he inspired. Paige Press's tribute illuminates the depth of their relationship and the extent of the void his passing has created.

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