Alina Habba Accuses Judge Of Bias In Trump Trial, Foresees Possible Acquittal

 May 30, 2024

Alina Habba, a lawyer for Donald Trump, openly criticized New York Judge Juan Merchan during a Fox News interview, accusing him of displaying undue anger and bias against Trump's legal team in court. 

According to Daily Mail, Habba's criticism targeted Judge Merchan for showing "anger" in the courtroom and unfairly ruling against Trump's attorneys.

She expressed her concerns during an appearance on Fox News, where she agreed with host Jesse Waters, who also criticized the judge. Habba referenced an incident with defense witness Bob Costello, during which Judge Merchan scolded Costello and cleared the courtroom.

Judge Merchan responded to the incident by instructing the courtroom on proper conduct, stating he was the only one who could strike testimony and admonishing against giving him a 'side eye' or rolling his eyes.

Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche, and his team faced rulings they found unfavorable, including the refusal to bar Stormy Daniels' testimony. Despite a gag order on Trump about comments on witnesses and court personnel, it did not apply to his attacks on Judge Merchan or DA Alvin Bragg.

Trump's Legal Team Faces Challenges In Court

During closing arguments, Judge Merchan sustained an objection from Trump's team against a prosecutor's remark comparing Trump to someone who can't shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. Merchan also admonished Blanche for mentioning the threat of prison time before the jury during closing arguments.

Habba expressed concerns about the jury being influenced by being non-sequestered over the Memorial Day weekend, noting the potential for external opinions impacting their judgment.

Habba predicted a possible hung jury or acquittal, suggesting the jury's decision process could take up to three days. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continued his online attacks on Judge Merchan, labeling him a "CORRUPT AND CONFLICTED JUDGE."

Trump also used the term "Trump Derangement Syndrome" in his criticisms, a phrase he applied to actor Robert DeNiro, who had participated in a Biden campaign press conference and criticized Trump.

Concerns Over Jury Influence During Deliberations

The tension in the courtroom and media commentary grew as the jury deliberated on Trump's fate. Habba's concerns about the jury's exposure to external opinions were echoed by other members of Trump's legal team. The high-profile nature of the case has drawn significant public attention, making the jury's impartiality a key issue.

Haba's remarks on Fox News highlighted the defense's perspective on the trial's fairness:

It's unbelievable. I mean, you've seen it and the way the visceral reaction that this judge had when we had our one witness come up and he threw the press out. That kind of anger – that kind of TDS frankly – we saw it with De Niro today.

Trump's Online Attacks And Legal Predictions

The jury's deliberation process was a focal point of concern for Trump's legal team, with Habba predicting extended deliberations. She emphasized the unprecedented nature of the trial and the potential impact of the jury's external interactions.

In conclusion, Alina Habba's criticism of Judge Juan Merchan has highlighted the contentious nature of the trial involving former President Donald Trump. With concerns about jury influence and judicial bias at the forefront, the case continues to draw significant attention. As the jury deliberates, the defense's predictions of a hung jury or acquittal remain a key talking point, underscoring the trial's high stakes and the intense scrutiny it faces.

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