Alabama Educator Arrested In Connection With 2013 Georgia Triple Murder

 May 16, 2024

Keante Harris, a middle school assistant principal in Alabama, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a decade-old triple homicide.

According to Fox News, officers apprehended Harris for a crime that involved the torture and murder of three individuals, whose bodies were subsequently found abandoned in a vehicle in Fulton County, Georgia.

The troubling case has its roots back in January 2013, with the brutal crimes occurring in Union City, Georgia. Harris, now 45, is charged with three counts of malice murder. He was an assistant principal at McAdory Middle School in Jefferson County at the time of his arrest.

The Immediate Response of Jefferson County School District

The Jefferson County School District swiftly placed Harris on administrative leave following his arrest. The district's spokesperson stated, "At this time we still are gathering facts about the specifics of this situation." They also emphasized, "Early indications are that the charges are unrelated to this individual’s employment with Jefferson County Schools."

The crime discovery unfolded when law enforcement spotted an abandoned 2010 Dodge Charger near Interstate 85. Inside, they found three bodies — two in the backseat and one in the trunk — all exhibiting signs of severe torture.

The victims were later identified as Quinones King, 33, Rodney Cottrell, 43, and Cheryl Colquitt-Thompson, 32. It was determined by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office that King and Cottrell were asphyxiated, while Colquitt-Thompson was strangled to death.

Gruesome Details of the Victims’ Last Moments

Investigative reports suggest that the victims were forced at gunpoint to a residence on Magnolia Drive in Jonesboro, Georgia. They were later transported and dumped in Fulton County. This brutality brings to light the relentless nature of the crime.

Notably, Harris was not the only individual implicated in this heinous act. Three other men, identified as Kevin Harris, Kenneth Thompson, and Darrell Harris, were also arrested across three states, facing similar charges of malice murder.

On Friday, the Jefferson County School District announced that it is aware of Keante Harris's arrest and has placed him on administrative leave.

As these individuals now face the legal consequences of their alleged actions, the communities affected continue to seek closure for a case that has languished unsolved for over a decade.

The collective arrests mark a significant breakthrough in a cold case that plagued the Fulton and Clayton County areas, bringing a grim sense of relief to the families of the victims, albeit after a painful duration.


Keante Harris, an assistant principal in Alabama, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a 2013 triple homicide in Georgia, where three victims were tortured and murdered.

Following his arrest, the Jefferson County School District placed Harris on administrative leave, emphasizing that the charges appear unrelated to his employment.

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