Air Force Two Diverted To Washington DC-Area Airport

By Robert Cunningham, updated on January 10, 2024

In a sudden twist of events, Air Force Two found itself battling the elements last night.

Air Force Two, carrying Vice President Kamala Harris, was forced to make an unexpected landing in the Washington, D.C., area due to stormy weather.

The aircraft, a C-32 designated Air Force Two when transporting the Vice President or other dignitaries, was redirected from its intended destination, Joint Base Andrews, to Dulles International Airport. This diversion was a safety measure in response to a potent storm threatening the aircraft's safe landing. Vice President Harris was returning from an eventful trip to Atlanta, where she had engaged in crucial discussions on preserving voting rights.

Unexpected Detour Amidst Stormy Weather

According to a source from the Associated Press, Air Force Two faced wind shear near the storm. Wind shear, known for its sudden changes in wind direction or speed, poses significant risks during flight, especially during takeoff and landing.

The C-32 aircraft, designated as Air Force Two when transporting the Vice President, safely landed at Dulles International Airport, ensuring the safety of all on board.

This diversion showcases the unpredictable nature of air travel, particularly when contending with inclement weather conditions.

Vice President's Advocacy in Atlanta

Before the flight diversion, Vice President Harris was in Atlanta for a crucial event focused on voting rights. This event included a roundtable discussion, engaging with community members and leaders on this pivotal issue.

Harris addressed several critical topics, including gerrymandering, voting integrity disputes, and the troubling attacks on election poll workers. Her visit signified a strong stance on preserving and enhancing voting freedoms in the nation.

Her engagement in Atlanta emphasized the importance of active dialogue and community involvement in protecting democratic processes and rights.

Georgia's Role in Voting Rights Discussion

During her visit, Vice President Harris highlighted Georgia's central role in the ongoing discourse on voting rights. Labeling it as the "ground zero on the issue of the right to vote," her remarks resonated with many in attendance and across the nation.

The Vice President's itinerary included public speeches and a private roundtable with influential business, civic, and non-profit leaders. These meetings aimed to foster deeper understanding and collaboration on the issue of voting rights.

Press Secretary Kirsten Allen commented on the situation, stating:

Tonight, en route from Atlanta, GA, Air Force 2 was diverted from Joint Base Andrews to Dulles International Airport due to inclement weather.

Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta, highlighted the severity of the situation facing election workers:

We have seen attacks on election workers. Before I came into this room, I met with election workers who shared stories that are so troubling. The attacks are clear, there is a full-on intent to attack freedoms and rights in our country.


The diversion of Air Force Two due to severe weather conditions underscores the unpredictability and challenges of air travel. Vice President Harris's visit to Atlanta focused on the critical issue of voting rights and highlighted the ongoing struggles and attacks on election workers and the democratic process.

Her discussions in Georgia, particularly labeling it as the epicenter of the voting rights debate, reinforced the importance of this issue in the current political landscape. The events of this trip, both the unforeseen change in travel plans and the impactful discussions in Atlanta, reflect the complex and dynamic nature of modern American politics.

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