Actress Angie Harmon Files Lawsuit Against Instacart Driver Over Dog's Death

 May 15, 2024

Fox News reported that Angie Harmon sued an Instacart driver for allegedly shooting and killing her dog in April.

The lawsuit implicates Christopher Reid, an Instacart delivery person, and the company itself after Reid reportedly shot and killed Harmon's dog.

In the quiet of Easter weekend, the serenity of Angie Harmon's North Carolina residence was shattered. She alleges Christopher Reid, having completed a delivery, fatally shot her family dog, Oliver. Consequently, she has complained to Reid and Instacart, seeking justice through a jury trial with claimed damages over $25,000.

An Incident Shocking the Community

The issue has caught the public's eye not just for its brutality but also for its peculiarities. Reid was accused of using a female's identity, "Merle," for his Instacart delivery profile. The alleged lack of physical confrontation or defense wounds on Reid adds layers to the incident. Angie Harmon noted on her Instagram, "He did not have a scratch or bite on him nor were his pants torn."

Adding to the controversy, evidence such as a necropsy reported no aggressive behavior from Oliver, which contradicts self-defense claims. Despite these findings, local law enforcement did not charge Reid following their preliminary investigations.

Instacart’s immediate response was to suspend Reid’s profile, which was later permanently deactivated. The company stated, “While we cannot comment on pending litigation, we have no tolerance for violence of any kind, and the shopper account has been permanently deactivated from our platform.”

Media and Public Reaction

The actress has openly shared her distress over the incident on various platforms, including "Good Morning America." Angie Harmon’s account has brought considerable public support and scrutiny to the case. Here is a portion of her emotional recount on the program:

Angie Harmon described the profound impact of the gunfire at her home. She revealed, "It's so unfathomable to think that there is somebody in your front driveway that just fired a gun. And you don't ever forget that sound."

Being a public figure, Harmon utilized social media to articulate her grief and the distressing details to her followers. Her statements on Instagram convey the shock and immediate aftermath experienced by her and her daughters at home during the incident.

This is further underscored by the sympathy expressed by an Instacart spokesperson: “Our hearts continue to be with Ms. Harmon and her family following this disturbing incident.”

Looking Toward the Legal Proceedings

As the case moves towards a jury trial, the focus is not only on the compensation but also on the broader implications such incidents might have on service provider responsibilities and client safety. Angie Harmon's lawsuit may set important precedents concerning how delivery companies screen and monitor their contractors.

The loss has left a lasting impression on Harmon, who has been vocal about her trauma and the unsettling nature of the encounter. "He shot our dog with my daughters & me at home & just kept saying, 'Yeah, I shot your dog. Yeah, I did,'" she recounted on national television.

In conclusion, the incident involving Angie Harmon's pet dog and Instacart driver Christopher Reid raises critical questions about safety, accountability, and the emotional toll of unexpected violence. The outcome of this lawsuit might influence future legal engagements and how companies like Instacart manage their personnel and maintain public trust.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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