Actor Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Stabbing Makeup Artist

 May 31, 2024

Hollywood was shaken by a violent altercation involving actor Nick Pasqual and Allie Shehorn, a well-known makeup artist.

Hollywood actor Nick Pasqual has been charged with attempted murder following a stabbing incident involving his estranged girlfriend, Allie Shehorn.

Allie Shehorn, recognized for her work on major films such as "Mean Girls" and "Babylon," is currently recovering from severe injuries sustained during the attack, Daily Wire reported. The incident took place early in the morning at her Los Angeles home, where she was stabbed multiple times.

Alarming Rise of Domestic Violence Highlighted by Incident

The Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascón, addressed the severity of the situation by expressing sympathy for Shehorn and highlighting the broader implications of domestic assault. Gascón underscored the necessity of stern legal actions against such violent acts, especially in intimate relationships.

Here is what George Gascón shared about the attack and what Shehorn now faces:

Our office, including our Bureau of Victim Services, extends our support and resources to her as she embarks on the long and difficult journey of healing from both the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon her. This heinous incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of domestic violence. We will ensure that the individual responsible for this egregious act is held accountable for their actions.

Before the attack, Shehorn had sought legal protection against Pasqual by filing a restraining order, highlighting ongoing relational tensions. This legal step, however, did not prevent the violent outcome.

Community Rallies to Support Recovery of Allie Shehorn

In the wake of the attack, a GoFundMe campaign was established to aid Shehorn's recovery, reflecting significant community support. The campaign updates describe her as showing courage and determination, which are vital as she faces a lengthy healing process.

The fundraising efforts are aiding Shehorn with her medical expenses, which have piled up following multiple surgeries to address the stab wounds and resulting complications.

Following the stabbing, Nick Pasqual was apprehended at a border checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, suggesting a possible escape attempt after the attack. He now faces charges of attempted murder, residential burglary, and causing injury to a significant other.

District Attorney Emphasizes Severity of Charges

With the legal process underway, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring justice. They highlight this case as emblematic of their dedication to handling cases involving violence within intimate partnerships with the utmost seriousness.

Pasqual, whose career has been paused by these allegations and ensuing legal confrontations, faces potentially severe repercussions. The charges, led by attempted murder, could result in a life sentence, reflecting the gravity of the accusations.

As Shehorn makes slow yet deliberate progress toward recovery, the focus remains not only on her physical rehabilitation but also on the psychological scars left by such brutal personal violence. Her resilience amidst this tragic ordeal continues to garner support and admiration from both within and outside of the Hollywood community.

In conclusion, this distressing event not only highlights the personal tragedy of Allie Shehorn and the impending legal battle for Nick Pasqual but also casts a broader light on issues of domestic violence and the support systems crucial for survivors. The outcome of this case could carry significant implications for both the individuals involved and broader societal attitudes toward intimate partner violence.

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