Aaron Rodgers VP Hopes Diminished By Head Coach Announcement

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 25, 2024

The New York Jets' training grounds may seem a world away from the political campaign trails, but recent speculation has drawn a curious line between the two.

Daily Mail reported that New York Jets coach Robert Saleh quelled rumors of quarterback Aaron Rodgers' political aspirations. The team's high-profile quarterback is expected to lace up for spring practice soon.

However, reports have surfaced suggesting Rodgers' potential involvement in a very different team effort – as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s vice-presidential running mate in an independent bid for the White House. This conjecture comes from the shared viewpoint between Rodgers and Kennedy on vaccine skepticism and a public dialogue that has turned heads in sports and politics.

Coach Saleh Sets the Record Straight on Rodgers

Amidst the rumors, Jets coach Robert Saleh has stepped forward to clarify the matter. Saleh is focused on the upcoming NFL season and clearly expects Rodgers to participate in the team's preparations. He confidently addressed the media, outlining the quarterback's involvement in the team's future.

Expecting him to be available for spring. OTAs, seven on seven camps, he should be able to do all of that stuff. As we get closer in the next couple of weeks, we'll communicate more. Fully anticipating it, yeah.

This quote from Saleh casts doubt on the likelihood of Rodgers' political pivot and reinforces the coach's anticipation of the quarterback's athletic commitments. When probed about Rodgers' potential other commitments, Saleh succinctly responded, "Not that I'm aware of." This brief but telling reply suggests a singular focus on the football season ahead, which, for Jets fans, is a reassuring stance from the head of their coaching staff.

Political Aspirations Versus Athletic Commitments

Rodgers' potential political play comes at a curious time. The revelation of Rodgers' possible political engagement broke while he was on an ayahuasca trip in Costa Rica, known for its lush landscapes and spiritual retreats. The timing of this news led to skepticism about the depth of Rodgers' political intentions.

Pat McAfee, a commentator on sports and culture, noted the peculiar timing of the revelation. He stated, "The world found out while that man was in Costa Rica...I'm not 100 percent sure that the quarterback for the New York Jets necessarily knew the New York Times was going to be reporting he's potentially going to be vice president."

The potential of a sports figure transitioning into a political role is not unprecedented, yet it typically follows the conclusion of their athletic career. Rodgers is in the midst of his, and his recent Achilles injury only increases the scrutiny over his focus and dedication to the sport.

The Challenge of Dual Careers in Sports and Politics

Balancing an NFL career with a vice-presidential campaign presents a unique set of challenges. Rodgers' debut season with the Jets was notably marred by an Achilles injury, which cut his season short and significantly impacted the team's performance. This backdrop makes the prospect of his political involvement all the more complex for fans and commentators alike, who question whether his priorities lie on the field or the campaign trail.

Meanwhile, Kennedy's campaign is in its own battles, chiefly concerning ballot access. The task is herculean, requiring over a million signatures to secure a spot in various state ballots. For an independent candidate like Kennedy, the early announcement of a running mate is strategic and necessary due to the stringent requirements of the campaign process.


The speculation surrounding Aaron Rodgers' possible entry into the political arena as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate has been addressed by New York Jets coach Robert Saleh, who expects Rodgers to fully participate in the NFL season's preparatory activities.

The rumors, which align with Rodgers' and Kennedy's shared views on vaccines, surfaced during Rodgers' time in Costa Rica and amidst efforts by Kennedy to gather signatures for his campaign. Saleh's comments and the logistical challenges of running for office while committed to an NFL season, especially after an injury-plagued year, suggest that Rodgers' potential vice-presidential candidacy may be more of a speculative diversion than a concrete plan.

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