89 Dead In Freak Winter Storm - Authorities Continue Digging Survivors Out

 January 21, 2024

The United States is grappling with a deadly winter storm that has claimed the lives of 91 people over the past week.

The nation is experiencing one of its most severe winter weather crises, with fatalities and hazardous conditions escalating.

The toll of this calamity has been particularly harsh in Tennessee, where 25 deaths have been confirmed. Oregon follows with 16 fatalities, including a tragic incident where three adults perished after a tree fell on their car, miraculously sparing a baby inside.

Other states like Illinois, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Washington, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey have also reported deaths, some of which are still under investigation to determine their connection to the weather.

Continued Freezing Conditions and Power Outages

The weather has been lethal and continues its frigid grip across the country. Dangerous cold temperatures are persisting, affecting tens of millions with below-average conditions. This includes the country's eastern half, which is bracing for some of its coldest weather this season. The severity extends to Northern Florida, where hard freeze warnings and perilous wind chills are in effect.

Power outages compound the crisis, with more than 45,000 people in Oregon alone left in the dark due to ice storms. Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, and Indiana are also experiencing power failures.

The meteorologist Molly McCollum cautioned about the weather's impact, saying, "Arctic air will combine with moisture from the Gulf to create an icy mess from Oklahoma to Illinois. Travel will be treacherous on Monday."

Hazardous Travel and Upcoming Weather Changes

With freezing rain forecast in the Southern Plains, Mississippi Valley, and Ohio Valley, travel is expected to be particularly dangerous from Sunday night into Monday. The perilous conditions are expected to persist into early next week, with the combination of Arctic air and Gulf moisture intensifying icy conditions across the central U.S.

However, there is a glimmer of hope as the week progresses. A warming trend is expected around mid-week, which might alleviate the freezing temperatures. Yet, this shift brings its own set of challenges, as the Weather Channel forecast suggests: "Warm air and rain could combine to bring the risk of flooding to the Midwest and Northeast."

Amidst these extreme conditions, officials urge caution. Mississippi officials advise residents to "be aware of black ice on the roads, and drive only if necessary," highlighting the treacherous driving conditions.


The United States is currently facing a severe winter storm that has resulted in the deaths of 91 people across various states, marking one of the nation's most serious winter weather crises. Tenn

essee has been hit hardest with 25 deaths, followed by Oregon with 16, including a notable incident where a tree crushed a car, killing three adults but sparing a baby. States like Illinois, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Washington, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey have also reported fatalities, some still under investigation.

The country is enduring extreme cold, with over 45,000 people in Oregon experiencing power outages. Meteorologists warn of continued hazardous conditions, with travel expected to be treacherous due to a mix of Arctic air and Gulf moisture. Despite a forecasted mid-week warming trend, officials are cautioning against the dangers of black ice and the potential for flooding in the Midwest and Northeast.

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