2007 FBI Recordings Of Biden Resurface

 December 18, 2023

Decades-old FBI recordings involving James Biden have recently emerged, sparking fresh ethical discussions.

The Washington Post's recent publication of 1990s FBI recordings captures James Biden, President Biden's brother, in potential ethical quandaries.

Uncovering the Biden Family's Business Ventures

These tapes, unearthed from the University of Mississippi's archives, were part of an FBI bribery investigation unrelated to James Biden. They have brought to light conversations about leveraging the Biden surname for business gains.

James is heard discussing plans to capitalize on the Biden name through a proposed consulting firm. This revelation adds complexity to the public understanding of the Biden family's business engagements.

In the recordings, a potential partner alludes to the significance of the Biden family's Washington connections for their firm. This underscores the perceived value of political ties in business.

The Ethical Implications of Political Influence

Another conversation captures James Biden expressing concern over appearing as an opportunist. He discusses becoming a consultant for a Native American tribe seeking casino approval.

His reservations about profiting from political connections reflect broader ethical issues often associated with such endeavors. This aspect of the recordings highlights the delicate balance between business and political influence.

"There’s nothing wrong with opportunist. Sara just rolled her eyes at me. So, but being a whore about it, OK, you know, like everybody just jumping in, like, ‘Let me do your insurance, let me do your legal.’"

Failed Business Ventures and Legal Consequences

The planned consulting firm, however, never materialized. Two of James Biden's associates were convicted in the bribery scheme, demonstrating the risks inherent in such ventures.

This failed business attempt is part of a larger narrative of the Biden family's ventures. The White House has declined to comment on these past ventures, leaving the public to draw their own conclusions.

The backdrop of these recordings is a bribery probe into attorney Richard "Dickie" Scruggs. Scruggs had hired James Biden to use his brother, then a senator, to influence Congress, further complicating the Biden family's business history.

Repercussions and Public Perception

The emergence of these recordings follows previous controversies involving Joe Biden's son Hunter. These events have led to ongoing inquiries regarding the overlap between the Biden family's private business dealings and public responsibilities.

One of James Biden's potential partners became an informant against Scruggs, highlighting the grave legal consequences of these activities. As a result, Scruggs and two others were sentenced to prison.

This complex mix of legal and ethical dilemmas continues to influence how the public views political power and personal gain, especially concerning the Biden family.

Wider Consequences for Political Ethics

These tapes prompt questions about the moral limits of using political connections for personal benefit. This concern is not exclusive to the Biden family but mirrors larger challenges in American political ethics.

Such disclosures emphasize the necessity for clear transparency and ethical standards at the intersection of business and politics. They initiate discussions on the suitable involvement of political families in commercial projects.

The history of the Biden family, as revealed by these tapes, is an example of the intricate ethics involved in blending political influence with business ventures.


  • James Biden's discussions about leveraging the Biden name for business revealed in FBI tapes.
  • The tapes raise ethical questions about the Biden family's business ventures.
  • James Biden's planned consulting firm never materialized due to legal issues.
  • The story ties into broader issues of political influence and personal gain.
  • Public perception of the Biden family's business dealings is shaped by these revelations.

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